Gerhard Koller

"The first time I wore MyGait, I was really surprised by the feeling - my foot suddenly moved again!"

Gerhard Koller

I’d always loved being active, doing lots of walking and going skiing. We were skiing in 2008 when the accident happened. My wife had already gone down into the valley with some friends and family, while my sister-in-law and I were still on the slopes. All of a sudden, I fell. My sister-in-law tried to help me get up, but I couldn't. Then everything went black. The doctors later diagnosed a cerebral haemorrhage.

I was taken to a hospital and was in a kind of waking coma for almost three months. When I woke up, I noticed that I was paralysed on my right side. At first, I could get around only with a wheelchair. I learned how to walk again in rehab, but I couldn't lift the tip of my foot. The first time I wore MyGait, I was really surprised by the feeling. My foot suddenly moved again. Now I go for walks with my wife considerably more often and I can also do more with my grandchildren.

“Being out and about – that’s the best rehab for me.”

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