Xeno power wheelchair

Stand up and go.

Enjoy the freedom of being able to stand up at a cashpoint, or in a personal conversation with friends and family.

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Advanatges to you

Health benefits

Moving from a sitting position to the physiologically important stretching of the entire body in a short time has a positive effect on circulation and protects joints. Supporting belt and pad systems make safe driving and standing possible - even at the same time.

Technology at your fingertips

The Xeno also has the new innovative one wheel steering S³ (single servo steering). Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, Xeno also offers and electrical seat tilt and backrest adjustment and a battery drawer for better service.

Customisable design

The Xeno seat width and depth are easy to adjust so the chair can grow with the patient.



• Seat width and depth are easy to adjust; grow with the patient

• Innovative one wheel force steering, Single Servo Steering

• Battery drawer for better service

• Dimensions and range for indoor and outdoor use

• Trunk guidance pads, as well as headrest systems as an accessory

• Biomechanical backrest, to avoid shearing forces

• Electrical seat tilt and backrest adjustment

• enAble50 driving control, for all Otto Bock special driving controls

• Angle of table top can be adjusted (as of March 2009)

Technical info

Technical Data

Speed 6 or 10 km/h

Battery capacity 60 Ah/75 Ah

Range 35 km

Driving control enAble50

Load capacity 134 kg (295 lbs)

Obstacle height the wheelchair is able to overcome 60 mm

Climbing ability 17 %

Overall width 64 cm

Total length with footplate Approximately 122 cm

Turning radius 75 cm

Seat width Seat width 43/48 cm, can be

adjusted with pads (35 – 56 cm)

Seat depth 37 – 58 cm

Seat tilt 15°, electrically

Back angle 20°, electrically

Back height 58 – 68 cm (incl. cushion)

Lower leg length 37 – 57 cm

Seat height 53 cm (incl. cushion)

Armrest height 18 – 25 cm

Raising time 25 sec.


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