Out Door. In motion

Overcome the sand on the beach, drive on gravel paths in the park or let the snow crunch under the wheels: The ScoutCrawler loves difficult terrain, because that's what it's made for. It ensures fun and adventure even on unfamiliar terrain. With the ScoutCrawler, nothing stands in the way of an active holiday for wheelchair users.

What you need to know

Advantages to you

Overcome boundaries

The robust track system with its extremely weather-resistant materials was developed specifically for adventure tours on sand and snow. Its qualities shine where other power add-on drives fail. The user simply drives up the loading ramp onto the mobile ScoutCrawler base and docks on. It is operated in the same way as a standard power add-on drive or electric wheelchair using a joystick.

The ScoutCrawler scores points with a functional design combined with innovative technology. Thanks to its chain drive, it masters snow, sand, gravel and grass easily. Even mud, loose ground and inclines up to 17 degrees are handled easily by the versatile outdoor drive due to the large ground contact surface of its tracks.

Don’t hold back

The ScoutCrawler is steered with a joystick. In terms of speed, it easily keeps up with pedestrians. The Scout Crawler is compatible with numerous folding and rigid-frame wheelchairs. Simply remain seated in your manual wheelchair and drive up two folding ramps to the starting position. Arduous, time-consuming transfers to a separate outdoor wheelchair are eliminated.

Long battery life

Thanks to highly modern lithium-ion batteries, the ScoutCrawler has an operating radius of up to twelve kilometres. It can also be reduced to a convenient size for transportation in a few easy steps.

Innovative design

In addition to innovative technology and the highest product quality, the ScoutCrawler also has plenty to offer in terms of design. At the red dot design award, it convinced the jury of renowned experts and received an honourable mention. This seal of approval is presented for remarkable detailed solutions.

Technical info


  • Designed specifically for outdoor use on challenging terrain
  • Drive and navigate on sand, snow, and loose surfaces
  • Exceptional climbing ability
  • State of the art lithium battery technology for long range (up to 12 km)
  • Weatherproof, robust components and materials
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Transportable by car


Technical Data

Top speed 6 km/h


Compatible with various folding and fixed framewheelchairs


up to 12 km (depending on

the grade, surface, and to a

lesser degree on load)

Battery pack Lithium-ion

2 x 12 V/18.4 Ah

Maximum grade

up to 30 % on asphalt

(less depending on the

surface and load)

Maximum load capacity User 120 kg + max. 25 kg

manual wheelchair

Net weight approx. 60 kg

Maximum drive-in width 665 mm

Motor 2 x 250 W, 24 V


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