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Kevin Green Senior Orthotist

I began working with Ottobock in January 2009 as an orthotist, servicing clinical contracts throughout the Midlands. The dynamic nature of contracted clinical services exposed me to many clinical settings both nationally and internationally, providing me with invaluable experience. I was then given the opportunity to enhance my clinical skills at a specialist orthotic centre at the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre, Birmingham.

In early 2012 I began the exciting project of developing the Ottobock private clinics. This required additional tasks to those normally undertaken as an orthotist such as marketing, planning and equipment, securing premises etc. It has been very rewarding to watch this area of the business develop to what it is today.

Ottobock are strong advocates of continual learning and ensure my training needs are being met by providing regular internal training as well as remote webinars. I have also completed Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) qualification, sponsored by Ottobock which lead to my accreditation as an expert witness.

With the career opportunities I have had with Ottobock, I am now an established senior orthotist and actively engage in clinical work, medical legal cases as well as contributing to contract tenders. It is this diversity in my role which can make each day challenging but also very rewarding.

Scott Norris - Financial Analyst, CSD

I started with Ottobock in April 2010, in the position of Credit Controller. It was my first full time job after college and a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience in my chosen field.

I was promoted to Assistant Accountant in June 2011 and in September 2013 I was promoted to Financial Analyst- CSD.

When I started with Ottobock I was studying towards my AAT. After completing my probation the company supported me until I completed this qualification. I then wanted to proceed to the ACCA qualification and had full backing from my Manager and Finance Director to do so. I am now studying this part time and I am part qualified and looking to complete this in 2014. Again I am fully supported by Ottobock and without this support obtaining this qualification may not have been possible.

Not only has Ottobock supported me in my studies, but on a day to day basis my Managers and the Finance Director have always been incredibly supportive and encouraging. They are approachable and always willing to stop what they are doing to explain something or help with me with my questions. As I settled into my roles, they have given me more tasks and responsibility- constantly challenging me and allowing me to progress my career.

In June 2013 I attended the Ottobock Company Conference and heard first hand from people whose lives we changed and improved. Ottobock as a company makes such an astonishing difference in people’s lives. Working in a head office environment I don’t always get to see these remarkable things on a daily basis as some of my colleagues do, so this was very inspiring and made me really proud to be part of Ottobock.

Another great opportunity Ottobock gave me were tickets to attend the Paralympics in London. Again I was inspired and amazed at how Ottobock as accompany can change lives. Of course free tickets to one of the greatest sporting events in the world was much appreciated as well!

With the company’s support my career has progressed significantly, but also thanks to the people I work with who are all brilliant characters, time at work is an enjoyable experience.