Functional Cosmesis

Benefits at a glance

An everyday natural look

The Functional Cosmesis restores natural leg shape and volume so your prosthesis has a more realistic appearance.

Do what you want

Kneeling down, changing your shoes, climbing stairs – these are just a few activities where you can now focus on the essentials, because the Functional Cosmesis works in harmony with your prosthesis.



  • Does the Functional Cosmesis protect my prosthesis?

    The Functional Cosmesis protects your prosthesis to a certain extent during normal, everyday use. This applies, for example, to contact with splashed water and small particles of dirt. The pre-shaped Functional Knee Ball supports your body weight when you kneel. For more comprehensive protection for your C-Leg 4 or Genium knee joint, please see the information regarding our special protective covers.

  • Is my prosthesis waterproof with the Functional Stocking?

    No. The Functional Stocking only protects against splashed water.

  • Can I wash the Functional Stocking?

    Yes. It is machine washable at 30 °C. Please select the “Easy Care” or “Delicates” program.

  • Can I charge my MPK with the Functional Stocking?

    If you are wearing a Genium, inductive charging of your joint through the Functional Stocking is also possible. You need to expose the charging unit for charging if you wear a C-Leg, by using the charging extension cable.

  • What can I do if my Functional Stocking slips out of place?

    Make sure that the interior silicone is lying on top of the socket material as far as possible (not on foam or similar), for corresponding good adhesion.

    Wipe the silicone band with a damp cloth every three days to maintain the adhesion properties.

  • Can I kneel down with my Functional Stocking?

    Absolutely! Obviously though, there will be a degree of wear and tear depending on how much you kneel on it, and what surfaces you kneel on.

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