Intuitive Stance

Essential features of a MPK

Episode 2: Intuitive stance

What does that mean?

The ability to stand using minimal energy is something that we do on a daily basis. The C-leg 4 Intuitive Stance feature allows just that. It blocks the knee from bending or buckling while the user is standing so they can distribute your weight evenly between both legs. This helps alleviate pressure on the sound side and lower back whilst helping to maintain a more stable, comfortable standing position. Intuitive Stance makes it easier to tackle many daily activities:

  • Standing at the sink
  • Standing at the stove while cooking dinner
  • Standing on a ramp or incline
  • Standing in line at places like the grocery store, bus stop, or cinema

Engaging this feature is easy, by holding the knee in slight flexion for a second, flexion is blocked and intuitive stance is initiated. To deactivate all the user to do is extend the knee or take a step with your sound side and the C-leg 4 smoothly transitions to stance resistance.