Real time swing and stance phase control

Essential features of an MPK

Episode 3: Real time swing & stance phase control.

What does that mean?

Another great feature of the C-Leg 4 is real time swing and stance phase control. This has been made possible by the array sensors monitoring the gait cycle every 0.01second, in particularly those that recognise the angle and velocity of the knee during flexing and extending. This real time monitoring of the C-leg 4 allows for instantaneous changes for the user by the microprocessor which controls the flexion and extension valves independently. As the C-leg 4 is programmed to an optimal swing flexion angle rather than a resistance it not only allows for easier set-up for the Prosthetist but also allows for a more harmonious gait for the user. This allows the user to vary their walking speed and the knee will always be there for them with no delay. The microprocessor also ensures that the knee will smoothly return to extension. This gives the user confidence to walk faster knowing the knee will always be there for them, especially when needing to cross the road or get out of a situation quickly.