Safe, reciprocal walking backwards

What does that mean?

The gyroscope and motion sensors of the interial motion unit within the C-leg 4 monitor the gait cycle and will recognise where the knee is with 3D space. As a result the C-Leg 4 is able identify whether the user is moving forwards or backwards and recognises when all the parameters are met to release the knee from stable stance to swing. This can be a problem with a mechanical knee or knee that is dependent on measuring toe load, therefore walking backwards is the same as walking forwards and risks the knee buckling. With the C-leg 4 walking backwards step over step is safe and the knee will remain at a high level of stance resistance. As the user starts to walk backwards, the knee retains its resistance and doesn’t release the knee, meaning the amputee can walk backwards safely without the risk of the knee bending.

This is especially important to amputees manoeuvring in a crowd or when needing to back away from a situation such as avoiding oncoming traffic or a cyclist for example.

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Episode 4: Safe, reciprocal walking backwards