Stumble Recovery

What does that mean?

The fear of stumbling or falling is something that part of delay life for a prosthesis user, as a result they are constantly looking out for carpet edges, scattered children’s toys or curbs which is a large cognitive burden. To significantly reduce this risk the redesign of the C-leg 4 has a unique and effective stumble recovery which has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of falling by up to 64%. A stumble can take only milli-seconds to occur so the response time is critical. The innovative design of the C-leg 4 means it no longer has to sense a stumble then react which can lose critical time. Instead the stumble recovery is always on. As the knee begins to swing forward the stance resistance is increased to an even higher level. If someone stumbles the high resistance allows them to quickly recover, the extension resistance is dropped to a minimum allow them to extend their knee and recovery from the compromised position. This is a unique features to the c-leg 4.

Safety has always come first with the C-Leg and a large number of studies have proven that the frequency of falls in people with an above knee amputation is significantly lower with the C-Leg compared with conventional prostheses. This makes the C-Leg 4 one of the most reliable prostheses in the world.

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Episode 5: Stumble Recovery