Information for amputee veterans in England

The government has pledged to spend £11 million over the next 2 years to ensure ex-servicemen and women who are amputees can access the best quality prostheses and rehabilitation services in England – including the latest prosthetic technologies currently being issued by Headley Court. Follow the links below to explore what is covered and how to apply.

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Available now for veterans: Genium X3

The world’s most advanced prosthetic leg is now available in the UK and it’s eligible for veteran's funding.


Apply for funding

All you need to know to put forward your application.


Where can I get my new prosthesis?

Nine NHS centres across England will be funded to provide you with the latest technology and the highest levels of prosthetic care. Check where your nearest centre is here.


Funding FAQs

Find out who qualifies for funding, and what isn’t covered.