Department of Health Funding for Children's Activity and Sports Prostheses

What is it about?

The Department of Health has made the decision to fully fund sports and activity prostheses for children in England who have suffered from limb loss or were born with a limb deficiency. Up until now, there has been no dedicated funding available for children's activity or sports limbs. This decision allows children and young people, previously restricted to standard everyday prosthetic limbs, to become more active and involved in physical activity. Whether it's playing games at school, becoming involved in PE, participating in organised sports or aspiring to be a Paralympian, this funding will ensure that hundreds of children can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Providing children and young people with the opportunity to participate in sport and activity with their peers not only ensures they will get the exercise they need for healthy development, but also helps to build their social skills and improve their self-confidence.

What you need to know

What is available to my child?

Ottobock offer a wide range of sports and activity solutions for children and young people under the age of 18 years old. Whether its playing badminton, going kayaking with the Scouts, running at the athletics track or going on your first school skiing trip, there is something for everyone. For a full overview of the products available to your child, please see our Parent’s Guide under the downloads tab.

1E93 Runner Junior user Rio Woolf on the track.

1E93 Runner Junior

Specifically designed for active children with a body weight of up to 45kg (approx. 12 years old) the Runner Junior is a durable lightweight carbon blade which can be adapted to suit the child’s running style. On the school field, playing with friends or at the local running club, the waterproof Runner Junior is the ideal choice for those children with below the knee amputations and when fitted with a 3S80 sports knee joint, forms the perfect active solution for those with knee disarticulation and above the knee amputations.

1E91 Runner

1E91 Runner

For younger adults with a body weight of 40kg – 125kg the Runner is the perfect choice for those with athletic ambition. From beginner to high performance levels the lightweight, waterproof carbon fibre blade can be adjusted to suit the users’ needs. Switching between the spike sole and the runner sole means it can be used for both recreational and track running but is ideal for a more comfortable, bouncy style of running. Teamed up with a 3S80 sports knee joint, this makes the winning combination for knee disarticulation and above the knee amputees.

John on the track with his 1E90 Sprinter & 3S80 sports knee

1E90 Sprinter

For younger adults with a body weight of 40kg – 100kg the Sprinter’s spring shape is specifically designed for maximum energy return which lends itself to competitive running and sprinting. The Sprinter has proven itself in International and Paralympic Competition as the foot of choice for outstanding performance and when paired up with the 3S80 sports knee joint, it makes for the ultimate gold medal winning combination. The Sprinter has a range of different fitting adapters which means that those with symes and long below knee amputations can also be fitted with this system.

1E95 Challenger using playing Basketball

1E95 Challenger

The Challenger is the ultimate fitness foot for young adults, weighing between 56 – 90kg, wishing to take part in high-activity sports at both beginner and professional levels. Whether playing basketball, badminton, netball, hockey or football the foot’s added stability and excellent control during rapid movement, ideally lends itself to high-impact team sports. The Challenger’s superb shock absorption and energy return, also enables comfortable yet fast movements for field, court and running sports. Used with a shoe, the waterproof Challenger is the ideal prosthesis for the sportiest of amputees.

3S80 Sport & Fitness knee

3S80 Sport & Fitness knee

Ideal for both children and young people with knee disarticulation and above the knee amputation levels, the 3S80 sports knee joint is specifically designed for running sports. It also incorporates a manual lock for a secure standing position which is particularly helpful for training, warming up and stretching exercises. The 3S80=1 sports knee joint is for those who benefit from less resistance, such as children or well established sprinters. With the added bonus of being waterproof, there are no worries about being caught in the rain!

ProCarve Snow & Water-Ski Prosthesis

ProCarve Snow & Water-Ski Prosthesis

Perfect all year round, ProCarve is the first choice prosthesis for young people, weighing up to 100kg, wishing to take part in both summer and winter sporting activities. Whether your passion is downhill skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding or water-skiing, ProCarve’s targeted and coordinated functionality, provides both beginners and the most ambitious amputees the freedom to enjoy snow and water sports. The high performance ProCarve is sturdy, wear-resistant and waterproof. The ability to unlock the knee also allows comfortable sitting down when on ski lifts. The ProCarve knee and foot combination for above knee and knee disarticulation amputees and the ability to fit the ProCarve foot component alone for below knee patients, makes ProCarve the complete active sports solution.

Aqualine waterproof prostheses being used in the pool.

Aqualine waterproof prostheses

Suitable for both below and above the knee amputation levels, our fully waterproof Aqualine system is the ideal choice for any water based activities. The knee joint is lockable for those times when extra safety is required and the foot has a special textured sole for added grip when walking in slippery, wet areas. Whether surfing, sailing, kayaking or having fun at a waterpark, the Aqualine system is protected against corrosion from salt water and damage from dust and dirt.

Sockets & liners

Harmony System

During exercise, higher forces can cause issues stemming from volume changes in the socket, just like a shoe that’s the wrong size. This can lead to painful skin problems that can limit activity. The Harmony system and our unique Polyurethane liner material provides the ultimate socket comfort and stump protection so those issues don’t need to be a concern. Allowing you the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

SKEO Liners

SKEO Liners

During physical activity, the skin becomes vulnerable and is at risk of sores and rubs. To prevent this, a liner can be used not only to increase the comfort of the socket but to act as a protection barrier for the skin. Our large range of SKEO Silicone liners come in all different shapes, sizes and designs to suit everyone’s needs. With options for both below and above the knee amputees there are liners that are anatomically designed to offer additional protection to bony areas, liners that can be used in a waterproof prosthesis and liners that contain our special antibacterial additive “Skinguard”. This is particularly useful for high activity prostheses as it clinically proven to reduce the bacteria that cause hygiene and odour issues by 99.9%.

Derma ProFlex Suspenson Sleeve

Derma ProFlex Suspenson Sleeve

Ideally suited to the highly active child, the Derma ProFlex sealing sleeve is anatomically designed for ultimate comfort. To help to reduce the number of appointments needed to replace sleeves, the Derma ProFlex sleeve is one of the most durable sleeves there is to choose from. Designed for a suction style socket the sleeve also comes in 2 lengths and has a colour choice of silver or black.

The Policy and the Process

From now until the end of March 2018, the Department of Health has dedicated £750,000 to fund activity and sport prostheses for children and young people.

NHS Limb centres in England may request funds for individual sport & activity prosthetics they have prescribed up to the value of £5000 for each limb (including all the associated costs of the new limb, such as a new socket).

In order to gain some satisfactory outcome measures to support the application process, the child may be asked to spend a few weeks on a trial limb. Ottobock have a team of specialist Prosthetists from our Academy who are on hand to support and offer advice to parents, patients and prosthetists in selecting and fitting the best limb. They are able to attend the clinic appointments to assist the prosthetist in the correct set up, alignment and fine tuning of the trial limb. We are also on hand to attend the fitting and delivery of the final prosthesis to ensure that the child or young person is getting the very best from the new limb.

Limb centres across England can apply for funding up until March 2018 and as there are currently no plans in place for future funding it is advisable that parents act fast before the money is gone.

For more information about the policy and how your child can be funded a sports and activity prosthesis, please see our Parent’s Guide under the downloads tab.

Eligibility Criteria

Parents in England can now take their child to their NHS Limb Fitting Centre to be assessed for eligibility and following assessment, must meet all of the following criteria:

A) The child or young person is under the age of 18 at the time of assessment

B) The child or young person has suffered limb loss or congenital limb deficiency

C) The child is medically fit to engage in physical activity

D) The child or young person will benefit from the prosthesis and from engaging in physical activity (this could include PE, sports or games at school, recreation, playing with friends or organised sporting activity)

E) The prosthesis is appropriate for the child or young person and the activity it was intended for

F) The child has demonstrated an interest in the physical activity or sport in question e.g. member of a club and has sought information on the sport.

For further information on your child’s eligibility for a funded sports and activity prosthesis, please view our Parent’s Guide under the downloads tab.



Children's Activity & Sports Prostheses Funding - Parent's Guide

Download our Parent's Guide on the Children's Activity & Sports Prostheses Funding. This brochure explains the products available and about the funding available on the policy.


  • How much funding can my child receive?

    NHS Limb centres in England may request funds for children's sport & activity prosthetics they have prescribed up to the value of £5000 for each limb (including all the associated costs of the new limb, such as a new socket).

  • Can my child receive funding at any NHS Limb Centre in the UK?

    This funding from the Department of Health only applies to NHS Limb Centres in England. NHS Limb Centres in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland cannot apply for this particular grant - however NHS Scotland already have a scheme in place.

  • Who can i talk to before i visit my childs NHS Limb Centre

    The Department of Health will be working with LimbPower who will be carrying out an administrative role to support Limb Centres and families through the process of completing an application. Head over to LimbPower's website and get in touch with them if you need support.


Ottobock UK

Ottobock UK

Our specialist Academy team are dedicated to providing outstanding support up and down the country. As well as being able to assist your child's prosthetist with the initial fittings, they are also on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you need to speak to one of our team please contact them on:

Rachel Neilson -

Alan McDougall -

LimbPower logo


Limbpower will be overseeing the distribution of the paediatric limb fund and will be contacting all limb centres shortly to advise of the eligibility criteria and correct procedure for application of funds.

The Department of Health will be working with LimbPower who will be carrying out an administrative role to support Limb Centres and families through the process of completing an application.

Find out more about how LimbPower can help on their website.

Please note that LimbPower will not be offering prescription or medical advice.

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ProCarve snow & water-ski prosthesis

ProCarve snow & water-ski prosthesis

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Aqualine waterproof prostheses

Aqualine waterproof prostheses

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Sockets & liners

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