All-terrain Golfing power-chair!

What you need to know

Advantages to you

Manoeuvrable, all-terrain, and threewheeled

With a top speed of 10 km/h, the ParaGolfer overcomes obstacles of up to 10 cm in height and gradients of up to 17°. If these values are exceeded, a signal warns the player so he can position himself optimally. The player is always ensured a secure footing. Combined with the patented stand up function, nothing gets in the way of a precise drive.



Three-wheeled chassis is easy on the green

Powerful enAble50 (130 A) electronics, cooled

Quick-adjust seating unit with ten second stand up function

Acoustic tilt warning

Covered luggage bin

Golf bag holder

Kids package for children

Suffi cient range for 18-hole golf range

Technical Info

Technical Data

Seat width 46 cm (can be reduced with lateral pads)

Seat depth 36 – 51 cm (2.5 cm increments)

Seat height 52 – 67 cm (continuous)

Lower leg length 43 – 58 cm (continuous)

Overall width 90 cm

Total length 149 cm (transportation size with the caster folded)

Turning radius 190 cm

Weight when empty 180 kg

Maximum load capacity 140 kg

Speed 10 km/h

Climbing ability 30 %

Max. obstacle height 10 cm

Range approx. 35 km, 18 holes


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