ProCarve snow & water sports prosthesis

Enjoy unlimited freedom on the slopes!

The Ottobock ProCarve snow & water sports prosthesis provides targeted support for ambitious athletes in their individual alpine winter sports. Designed especially for skiing, this high-activity sports prosthesis has integrated, high-performance dampers that control the flexion and extension movements for users with an above- or below-knee amputation. ProCarve is also suitable for other sports, such as wakeboarding, snowboarding and water-skiing.

Going down the mountain freestyle, whether in powder or on prepared pistes – with ProCarve there are almost no limits.

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*Please note that you must first practice using a ProCarve prosthesis with your prosthetist, therapist or ski/snowboard instructor.

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High Performance

The aluminium sports knee joint is equipped with a high-performance damper for movement control and a disengagement function to make sitting comfortable. The damping element – a combination of a pneumatic spring and a hydraulic unit – ensures dynamic movement.

Individually adjustable controls!

The individually adjustable air pressure controls the flexion movement and the hydraulics dampen the extension movement. Together with the ProCarve foot component, this provides a targeted and coordinated system solution for users with an above-knee amputation or knee disarticulation.

ProCarve total system

Like the ProCarve knee, the foot includes a high-performance, robust damping unit for controlling movement around the pivot point. The function and the adjustment options are the same as for the damping unit in the knee joint.

Complete combination!

The ProCarve foot can be used as an independent unit or in combination with the ProCarve knee joint. It is connected directly to the ski binding or combined with the foot shell with a shape suited especially for snowboard boots.

Two foot options

A second version of the foot offers increased stiffness, from which advanced riders with below-knee amputations can profit the most.

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Pure Sport

ProCarve provides targeted support for ambitious hobby and weekend athletes in their individual alpine winter sports. It also meets the highest demands of performance athletes on the piste. It has been designed especially for skiing and snow boarding with a lot of carving.

Skiing with friends

Step into the binding and onto the piste. Expansive skiing terrain, an unending view, fresh winter air – is there anything more beautiful than soaking in an alpine panorama and then carving down the mountainside?

Enjoy the moment

Thanks to the high-performance and robust damping units in the ankle and knee joints, movements are supported in a targeted manner with ProCarve.

Take a breather

The flexion in the ProCarve knee joint works against the resistance of the damper in the engaged state. When a break is needed the knee joint can be disengaged so you can sit comfortably – whether in the chairlift or during après-ski.


  • Can be used for different sports - including water-skiing.
  • Flexion and extension damping can be individually adjusted by the technician.

Water-skiing with ProCarve


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