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Advantages to you

Advantages for you

1E90 Sprinter

The 1E90 Sprinter has proven itself in international and Paralympic competition as the foot of choice for elite athletes. Its light weight sets it apart. The spring contour gives the 1E90 Sprinter high propulsion and low resistance, making it ideal for running sports.

1E91 Runner

Whether it is used for recreational jogging or competitive running, the Runner 1E91 perfectly serves the needs of amputees with athletic ambition – from beginner to high performance levels.

1E93 Runner Junior

The 1E93 Runnor Junior is suitable for active children up to approx. 13 years old. Apart from allowing the child to participate in physical education at school, the Runner Junior supports the child's development in terms of training, exercise and competing with their peers.

1E95 Challenger

The Challenger is the ultimate fitness foot for amputees wishing to take part in high-activity sports at both beginner and professional levels. Whether playing basketball, badminton, netball, hockey or football the Challenger's added stability and excellent control during rapid movement lends itself to high-impact team sports. The Challenger’s superb shock absorption and energy return enables comfortable yet fast movements for field, court and running sports. Plus it's waterproof and has a weight limit of 90kg.

3S80 sports knee

The robust 3S80 sports knee is designed to withstand the wear and tear of any workout level, no matter if you’re an athlete in training or a weekend jogger.

Ready for any terrain

Your options are many, whether you’re on a track or uneven outdoor terrain. The Runner's level of stiffness and the sole tread can be matched to your personal running style.

Security with power

Fast changes in speed are no problem for our running solutions; they won’t slow you down and still provide a secure foot strike for powerful strides.

Technical info

3S80 Fitness Knee Specifications

Max. body weight - 100kg

Weight of prosthesis - 682g

Max. flexion angle - 135°

1E90 Sprinter Specifications

Max. body weight - 125kg

Weight of prosthesis - 600g

1E91 Runner Specifications

Max. body weight - 125kg

Weight of prosthesis - 460-625g

Height of blade - approx 30cm

1E93 Runner Junior Specifications

Max. body weight - 45kg

Weight of prosthesis - 170-210g

1E95 Challenger Specifications

Max. body weight - 90kg

Weight of prosthesis - 800g