Designed for water

People swimming with Aqualine

Waterproof prosthetic knees and feet

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Water restistant knee joint.

Added stability

The 3WR95 Aqua knee includes a manual lock that prevents knee flexion, allowing you to walk and stand in wet areas. You’ll be able to disengage the lock with the flip of a switch, allowing your knee to bend.

Aqua-Foot equipped with a grid-shaped sole tread.

Keep treading

The lightweight 1WR95 Aqua Foot has treads on the sole for extra traction in slippery areas. The anti-slip components increase confidence while walking along the pool or getting out of the shower. The foot is sealed on the top against water, and includes a plug at the bottom.

Aqua-Foot with griped-shaped sole and split-toe.

Slide on sandals

The sleek shape with defined toes make your foot appear natural. A separate big toe allows you to easily slip on sandals and feel more confident at the beach.

Aqualine prosthetic system used in water.

Simple cleaning

The pylons and adapters are covered with protective coatings to resist wear and corrosion. With galvanised bolts, all components of the Aqualine can be rinsed with clean water after use in bath, salt, and chlorine water.


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