The Aqualine waterproof orthosis system

For mobility within wet environments

The solution for wet areas

Orthosis wearers with paresis or paralysis of the leg musculature rely on waterproof walking aids for bathing or when taking part in water activities. With the Aqualine orthosis system, Ottobock has launched the world’s first waterproof walking aid designed specifically for use in wet areas.

This orthosis is unaffected by chlorine, saltwater, hydrotherapy water or soap, yet lightweight and comparable in durability to similar metal joints. These components are designed to be comfortable for the wearer, are easy to clean as well as quick to dry.

The Aqualine orthosis system is also available in a child’s version so children can take part in swimming lessons just like their peers, participate in water aerobics if necessary and bathe independently.

The Aqualine orthosis offers you safety and mobility within a variety of wet environments.

Ankle joint

The resistance and angle of the ankle joint can be individually fine-tuned to your requirements by your O&P professional.

High-tech carbon material

The high-performance plastic material is reinforced with carbon fibres. It therefore fulfills the highest demands in terms of function, load capacity, durability and processing characteristics.

Knee joint with wedge lock

The knee joint is locked and can be easily unlocked using a pull-release cable when you sit down.


ThermoLyn is antibacterial and has ideal hygienic properties.

Loop strap

The loop strap is comfortable to wear and can be removed for drying.

The benefits at a glance

Waterproof and durable

The joints as well as all components of the Aqualine orthosis system are waterproof. Chlorine, salt, fresh water and soap impair neither the functionality nor the appearance of the orthosis. Ottobock has achieved this by reinforcing a high-performance plastic material with carbon fibres. The bathing orthosis is very sturdy, yet lightweight thanks to this novel composite material. With the Aqualine, you can move about safely in wet areas.


The Aqualine orthosis loop straps can be removed for drying after each use. By design, skin contact with the orthosis is minimised in order to prevent skin irritation. Antibacterial materials for the fabrication of the orthosis are recommended to your orthotist by Ottobock as this will improve the hygienic characteristics of the Aqualine even further.

Safety comes first

The modern locking system of the Aqualine knee joint provides you with the needed safety for walking in wet environments and stability while bathing. The locking system is easy to operate as you sit down by using a pull-release cable. The lock within the joint clicks into place automatically when standing up; without the risk of trapping clothes. As the risk of slipping is especially high on wet floors, we recommend the use of a full-surface anti-slip sole or a bathing shoe as an alternative.



Aqualine Knee And Ankle Joint System

The Aqualine System from Ottobock represents a groundbreaking innovation in technical orthopaedics, combining the benefits of plastic and carbon to form a high-quality material for knee and ankle joints.


Aqualine Junior Orthosis

It is important for children to learn to swim and be independent when showering.

Therefore the Aqualine orthosis is now available in a child's size (size 14 mm splint width).


CarbonIQ Joint System - Experience Progress

In our continuous search for innovations we found a material that fulfills the high demands of orthopaedic technology in terms of function, load capacity, durability, processing characteristics, weight and, last but not least design.


  • For whom is the Aqualine orthosis system suited?

    The Aqualine orthosis system is suitable for persons with partial paralysis or complete paralysis of one or both legs. Your orthopaedic technician will be happy to advise you whether the Aqualine orthosis system is suitable for you.

  • Who provides fittings with the Aqualine orthosis?

    Your orthopaedic technician will fabricate the Aqualine according to your individual needs.

  • Can I bend my knee with the Aqualine?

    The knee joint of the Aqualine is generally locked, which makes a major contribution to your safety. However, you can easily release the lock at any time when you want to sit down. It engages again automatically when you stand up.

  • What can I do with the Aqualine?

    The Aqualine orthosis system is designed to be used in wet areas for a limited time. This means you can readily shower and go to the pool with it. All components of the system are waterproof and specifically designed to meet the requirements of wet areas. Afterwards you can clean and dry your waterproof walking aid quickly and easily.

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