Cosa Active/Junior hip abduction orthosis

Inconspicuously effective

Benefits at a glance

Inconspicuously effective

The Cosa Active and the Cosa Junior improve torso control and stabilise standing and sitting via abduction pads placed between the thighs. Mobility is increased through reduction of scissor gait also called crouch gait (spastic crossing of the legs), this freedom of knee movement results in an improved gait pattern.

Wearer comfort

Made from a breathable, soft material this orthosis ensures a high level of wearer comfort. The fixed position straps aid in making this hip abduction orthosis a customized solution stitched specifically to each individual patient. The Cosa Active has an additional benefit of a zipper for easy donning and doffing (zipper is not available in the Cosa Junior).

A combination of possibilities

Lower leg orthoses can be easily combined with the Cosa Active/Junior in order to stabilise the gait pattern. The orthosis makes additional wheelchair abductors unnecessary, as the abduction pads provide a wider sitting base when the user is seated.

Suitable for day or night-time wear

The Cosa Active/Junior can be worn during the day and at night due to the breathable fabric. This can help to prevent the knees from rubbing together at night.

Easy care

The Cosa Active/Junior can be easily washed in the machine at 40°C, it is recommended that this orthosis is washed within a wash bag. The abductor pads should be removed while the shorts are being washed. This orthosis cannot be placed in the drying machine.


  • Diplegia, spastic
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hip joint subluxation, congenital
  • Hypotonicity
  • Tetraplegia, spastic
  • Biomechanic gait challenges


  • Can the Cosa Active/Junior also be worn under clothing?

    Yes, that is not a problem wearing the orthosis under lose fitting trousers. It is not recommended to be worn outside of the clothing.

  • How is Cosa Active/Junior cleaned?

    The individual abduction pads are removable, so the trousers can be washed in a washing machine up to 40 °C. This orthosis cannot be placed in the drying machine. The starter set contains two pairs of trousers for patient cleanliness and washing standards.

  • Can a leg orthoses be worn with the Cosa Active/Junior?

    Wearing an ankle foot orthoses (AFO) can complement the function of the Cosa Active/Junior for improving the gait pattern. It is possible to continue to wear an ankle foot orthosis, but the compatibility should be checked by an orthotist to ensure a good overall fit.


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Cosa Active / Cosa Active Junior

Whether congenital or acquired through trauma, there is often a misalignment of the hips, independent of the specific type of disability. Disorders of a spastic nature in particular often lead to increased adduction of the thighs. The result is a collision of the knee joints and the so-called scissor gait associated with this.