Ankle-foot orthosis joint – Nexgear Tango

Bostjan with the Nexgear Tango

Benefits at a glance

Individually adaptable thanks to exchangeable function modules

Individual adaptation possible at any time

The function and design of the ankle joint can be adapted at any time with its three exchangeable modules. This means you can use the joint throughout the entire rehabilitation process, even as your needs change.

Quick module and spring selection

Quick selection of the right module

The Tango Fit Kit makes it quick and simple to select the module and springs. During the fitting process, the O&P professional can test all three modules and springs on the user in order to find the proper setting and alignment.

Dynamic alignment of the Nexgear Tango

Separate static and dynamic alignment

First the static alignment is adjusted. Then the dynamic adjustment (spring pretension) of the reaction springs is set. The static alignment therefore has no influence on the dynamic setting.

Low weight thanks to titanium

Lightweight titanium construction

The titanium version reduces the weight of the orthosis, making it pleasant to wear.

Walk more safely again with the reaction module of the Nexgear Tango

Walk more smoothly with the Tango

The reaction module allows you to walk more smoothly and efficiently. The individually required energy return can be optimised thanks to the various springs. Your O&P professional chooses the corresponding spring for you.


Partial or total paralysis of the leg muscles, mainly in case of neurological diseases such as:

  • Incomplete spinal cord injury (ISC)
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Infantile cerebral palsy
  • Stroke

Indications must be determined by the physician.