Stance control knee brace: Sensor Walk

Heavy-duty technology

Advantages for you

If you have a contracture – a knee bent up to 15 degrees – the Sensor Walk is the only stance control KAFO for you. Increasing stability in every situation, the Sensor Walk helps people with weak or absent quadriceps, or knee instability. People often describe this as “my knee giving out” or a “leg weakness”. The best way to find out if Sensor Walk or another Ottobock stance control orthosis is right for you is to bring this information to your Orthotist.

Stopping Stumbles

If you occasionally stumble as you walk, the Sensor Walk is designed to help regain your stability. The sensors in the device note the shift in motion and lock the knee joint to help give you time to recover. To learn more about gait, read our stance control section.

For any size activity

People who use the Sensor Walk rely on its durability and heavy-duty weight limit for even a small, special every day job.

Fit for you

The Sensor Walk is custom-fit to whoever wears it. Starting with a cast, a trial-fit orthosis is created. Your Orthotist will work with you to make any necessary adjustments, and Ottobock will make a final device just for you.

Try it for yourself

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of the Sensor Walk for yourself, Ottobock offers a trial orthosis so that you can take a few steps in your Orthotist’s clinic – and they are the ideal person to help determine if the Sensor Walk is right for you.

Technical info

Your life – your activities, your aspirations – are unique, and working with your Orthotist can help determine the best option for you. Taking time to select, fit, and learn how to use an orthosis is worth the investment. Download the brochure in the 'Downloads' tab and share it with your Orthotist to take the next step.

The Sensor Walk is suitable for weights up to 300 lbs (136 kg)


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