Agilium Freestep

For Osteoarthritis of the knee

Agilium Freestep

The Agilium Freestep from Ottobock is a revolutionary way of treating knee OA.

Developed to treat knee osteoarthritis, it is applied not to the knee but to the foot ­ right inside the shoe. In order to provide targeted relief for the damaged cartilage in the knee, the Agilium Freestep changes the load line of the knee, which is the location where the body weight has the greatest impact on the cartilage.

Agilium Freestep relieves the knee dynamically, which means only when necessary: during standing, walking and running (when the knee joint is bearing weight).

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What you need to know

Advantages to you

Enjoy sports...

The Agilium Freestep has been designed to provide an alternative conservative method to the treatment of knee OA. The orthosis reduces the pathological varus moment at the knee as opposed to applying corrective force directly to the user which is very different to conventional OA Knee bracing.

Discreet support.

With the Agilium Freestep you can be mobile again – in spite of your osteoarthritis – whether you're walking with family, or working on a construction site. The orthosis sits comfortably inside your shoe providing discreet support.

Freedom to go anyhwere

The brace consists of a foot piece and a lateral vertical strut which infuences your body's weight bearing line on the frontal plane.

Agilium Freestep foot sole

Agilium Freestep strap

Agilium Freestep support



Agilium Freestep patient guide

Download our patient guide on Osteo Arthritis and how the Agilium Freestep can help.

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