Stance control knee brace: E-MAG Active

Peter with E-MAG Active orthosis and child playing with a sailboat

Matching your moves

What you need to know

Benefits for you

The E-MAG Active electromagnetic stance control orthosis acts as an active walking partner, not just a static support. Even better, it doesn't just come "one size fits all". As part of the fitting and training, your orthotist will calibrate the E-MAG Active to you and your physical abilities.

Peter using his E-MAG Active brace.

When stability matters

Being able to think about your activities – not whether your brace is locked – delivers stability and peace of mind.


Calibration – Now and later

If you are recovering from an injury or temporary mobility limitation, the E-MAG Active can evolve with you as your abilities change.

Gait training with the E-MAG Active brace.

With you every step

The E-MAG Active is calibrated to your needs, and throughout your walking motion – or phase of gait. The sensor integrated into the electronics uses data to unlock the knee joint at the right point in your gait. Learn more about stance control benefits.


Try it on for size

Since many braces are custom-made, we have devised a way for you to experience the E-MAG Active in your Orthotist’s office. Share this site with your orthotist, or contact us for more details.

Technical info

Your Orthotist can help you determine what is right for you, and interpret the clinical aspects of the requirements for the E-MAG Active. Simply bring the information on this site to your next appointment.

E-MAG Active is suitable for weights up to 220 lbs (100 kg)


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