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The GoOn is a mild drop foot support that lifts the foot upwards to aid dorsiflexion (foot-lift while walking). It can be used to treat drop foot caused by mild symptoms of a number of conditions such as spinal cord lesions, traumatic brain injuries, as well as stroke survivors and the elderly who have lost some of their ability to lift their foot when walking.

It is easy to fit and apply, lightweight, washable and durable, plus its universal sizing means one size fits all.

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High quality padding means comfort and durability, in addition to which the GoOn is washable. It can also be worn with broad range of footwear, or without shoes to go barefoot. Plus there’s no risk of slipping or migration as the GoOn is secured to your foot.


Innovative torsion control is provided by a number of spring filaments. These can be cut to reduce the spring force to suit wearer requirements, allowing you to walk without fear of stumbling and falling.

What you need to know

Advantages to you

Security & peace of mind

The GoOn is an innovative new AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) that provides security and the peace of mind to know that you can once again walk without risk of stumbling or falling.


The GoOn is fitted to your foot and ankle via comfortable straps and secured with Velcro® style hook and loop fasteners. The torsion of the GoOn can be adjusted by your orthotist or physiotherapist according to your requirements.


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GoOn - Information for practitioners

Download this practitioner brochure to take to your orthotist or physiotherapist. They will decide whether it’s the right solution for you.