Agilium Patella Pro patella realignment orthosis

Benefits at a glance

Master everyday life with ease

With the Agilium Patella Pro you can master your everyday life with ease, as the orthosis can relieve pain. Everyday movements such as climbing stairs are possible again.

Being active

Sporting activities such as skiing, cycling and hiking are achievable with the Agilium Patella Pro. Thanks to the spring mechanism of the orthosis, the patella is tracked to the correct extent every time the knee is flexed or extended.

Naturally discreet under clothing as well

The Agilium Patella Pro is very lightweight and can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing thanks to its slim design. This makes it barely noticeable.

Practical in everyday life

Handy quick-release closures and loops make it easier for you to put on and take off the orthosis. The breathable materials make it pleasant to wear, and they are also made so that the orthosis fits firmly and does not slip when you move. The extra padding on the patella support ensures that the orthosis fits comfortably on the sensitive patella.

Custom fit

The orthosis can be individually adjusted to suit your needs using the three width settings.


  • Wearing of the back surface of the patella (retropatellar osteoarthritis)