Orthotics technology

Make an informed choice

The science of orthotics is broad, encompassing everything from a simple brace for your wrist to complex, custom-designed products that can help people with impaired mobility walk further and with more stability and flexibility.

The latest advances are pushing the boundaries for people who until now have been limited to wheelchairs or rigid braces. Understanding a bit more about the mechanics of gait – how we walk – can make it easier to compare the various options and have a meaningful conversation with your clinician.

Stance control orthotics

Stance Control Orthotics explained

Controlling stance is a new approach that means walking isn't just limited to manually locking or unlocking a knee brace.


The Future: Orthotronic Mobility Science

The science of Orthotronics is creating a sophisticated way to measure walking (or gait) and responding to this with adjustments that facilitate a smooth, more natural motion for the user.


Lida walking with her ActiGait FES device

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

More commonly known as FES, functional electrical stimulation systems activate your nervous system using electric impulses so your muscles do what you want them to do.