Real life stories

Megan's story - Custom AFO

Stroke survivor Megan Giglia is on her way to Rio thanks to a Custom AFO.


Jonathan's KAFO story

Jonathan Adams is a Paralympian who has competed in both the discus and shot put. Jonathan has overcome a number of hurdles to get where he is today and through determination and the help of a custom-made Ottobock Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) is now competing as a top-level standing thrower.


John's C-Brace® story

John Simpson has become the first patient in the UK to be fitted with the world’s first lower-limb Orthotronic Mobility System. His high-tech C-Brace® has allowed him to walk naturally for the first time in over 40 years.


Jane’s E-MAG Active orthosis

Jane’s E-MAG Active orthosis allows her to enjoy her garden and family following childhood polio


Danny Cipriani's Genu Arexa story

Danny Cipriani, England rugby player and fly half for Sale Sharks, recovered from an injury that included ligament damage aided by the Genu Arexa knee brace. The brace allowed him to regain mobility sooner by providing greater stability.


Katy's KAFO story

Routine spinal surgery left Katy Duncan in constant, debilitating pain. Now, a new custom fitted leg brace has ‘revolutionised’ her life.


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