Jane – Living life after Polio

Jane’s E-MAG Active orthosis allows her to enjoy her garden and family following childhood polio

At nine years of age I contracted polio and have since been dealing with Post-polio syndrome (PPS) which means I require greater support in the form of an orthosis.

Following a visit to my consultant it was suggested that I become involved in a project with Ottobock to trial their then-new electronically controlled knee-joint system that was being monitored for introduction by the NHS.

“I was delighted to be offered this opportunity and shortly after I was fitted with a new E-MAG Active.’

‘The E-MAG Active is wonderful, it is so user friendly and its unique surface finish allows clothes to move over the top without catching and I can now change my shoes without having to undress!’

‘It is wonderful and I’m sure it is the way forward for polio sufferers like me with walking difficulties.’

‘The E-MAG Active is both correctional and supportive, rather like having therapy while getting on with your life. I wear it all day every day and it’s become an integral part of my life now – the support it gives me is terrific.’

‘The main passion in my life, family aside, is my garden and I do all my own designing, propagating and maintenance so I spend loads of time outside. It is therefore essential for me to be as independent as possible to find a way to do the tasks I enjoy and as it’s so comfortable I can wear the E-MAG Active all day every day. The E-Mag Active is my friend and supporter.”