Thumb Braces

Overall view of the Ottobock Rhizo Arexa thumb brace.

Rhizo Arexa

  • Supports and stabilises the thumb
  • Hardly noticeable thanks to its slim design
  • Can be easily put on with just one hand
  • Used for ligament injuries/sprains, tendon and joint disorders and paralysis
  • Lateral splints relieve pressure on the back of the thumb

Overall view of the Ottobock Thumboform Long thumb brace

Thumboform Long

  • Immobilises the thumb
  • Snug fit and inconspicuous
  • Warming effect thanks to a special combination of materials
  • Worn for tendon and joint disorders, after surgery and for torn ligaments

Benefits at a glance

Enhanced security during movement and stress

Ottobock thumb braces prevent incorrect movements of the thumb after surgery, an injury, or with tendon and nerve disorders. They stabilise your thumb and give you security during movement and stress.

Comfortable to wear

Lightweight, sporty design, temperature-regulating materials, maximum flexibility – Ottobock thumb braces are comfortable to wear and fit snugly without adding excessive weight. They help you complete your routine tasks despite your limitations.

Improved handling

Practical closure straps facilitate the individual adaptation of the brace and make it easy to put on and take off.