MyModes – for even more everyday flexibility

MyModes: Complementing your prosthesis perfectly

Ottobock’s mechatronic prostheses open up a broad spectrum of possibilities for users. If you wear a C-Leg 4 or Genium knee joint, you can benefit from the unique option of using additional settings called MyModes, which supplement the tailored basic settings. You can use the MyModes to make your joint’s functions even more individual and adapt them to your own daily routine.

Flexible during work and leisure thanks to MyModes

Together with your O&P professional, you determine which settings will provide the best support for your lifestyle according to your needs and preferences. It doesn’t matter whether you choose pre-settings that suit your recreational sports activities or that support recurring tasks you carry out as part of your work routine. Whether you’re moving from the lifting platform to a mechanic’s creeper or from the beach bar to a surfboard – you can switch from one mode to another in no time. Individual MyModes can also be helpful during prosthesis training with your therapist.

Control prosthesis functions yourself

You can control the functions either by using the app on your Android-based smartphone, with a remote control or by programming simple movement patterns. You decide how you want to switch between your preset modes on a day-to-day basis.

Straight from a hospital job to a surfboard

Dani’s life moves as fast as the waves on the Pacific she loves so much. Thanks to MyModes, her Genium X3 can easily keep up with her too.

Frequently asked questions regarding MyModes

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C-Leg 4 – Reclaim your determination

Thanks to easy-to-control MyModes, you can select two pre-settings which support frequently recurring activities, in addition to the basic module. Riding a bike after work? MyModes let you switch to the activity you want in no time.

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Genium – Reclaim your strength

For those who want to get on with life without having to think about their prosthesis throughout the day, there's a seeting that supports the activity you want. Using our Cockpit app, you can switch between your MyModes with just a few clicks.

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Genium X3 – Reclaim all you want to be

Genium X3 wearers with busy and varied everyday lives love time-saving steps that simplify the day-to-day demands of their jobs, families and recreational activities. MyModes enable targeted programming that supports your recurring activities with ease.

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