Genium X3: The world’s most technologically advanced microprocessor knee

Benefits at a glance

Genium X3 user walking up steps

Confidence for every step

Thanks to its unique technology, the Genium X3 gives you a smooth gait pattern that is easy on your body, relieving your musculoskeletal system and giving you freedom in everyday life.

Genium X3 user Kerstin plays with her children and dog in the garden.

Highly natural thanks to industry leading technology

Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, your Genium X3 responds reliably – in real time. As a result, it lets you change walking speeds, take stairs leg-over-leg, overcome obstacles safely, stand in a relaxed position on inclines and walk backwards.

Genium X3 user walking through water.

Water? No problem

The Genium X3 lets you shower, swim or work in damp conditions without thinking twice. Special materials, coatings and components protect the electronics. The joint is also waterproof (even when exposed to strong jets of water) and corrosion-resistant against salt and chlorinated water.

Genium X3 user Kerstin uses the MyModes plus for sports.

Custom modes

Want to permanently configure your knee for activities you do frequently? Thanks to the large selection of MyModes plus, you and your clinician can set up five pre-settings for work, recreation and sports. These can be easily selected using the app or a movement pattern.

Genium X3 user John running.

Moving at high speed

Whether you’re running to catch the bus or keeping up with your kids: The walk-to-run function lets you change speeds spontaneously for short sprints. An additional running mode for longer distances was developed especially for sports activities with the Genium X3.

 Genium X3 user Kerstin uses the Cockpit app to configure her leg prosthesis for training on the cross-trainer.

Change your prosthesis settings yourself

The new Genium X3 provides the basis for easily configuring your knee thanks to the new Cockpit app for iPhone (iOS) and Android devices. This lets you check the battery charge level or quickly activate your personal pre-settings.



 Genium X3 product image

Unique technology at the heart of your mobility

Movement is calculated with incomparable accuracy and initiated in real time by the Genium X3, whether on uneven terrain and slopes, when changing speeds or in confined spaces. Studies prove that providing targeted relief for the contralateral side also has long-term health benefits. Particularly robust materials allow even more freedom of movement, including in wet and harsh environments. Patients can benefit from focusing their attention on the important things in life, rather than having to think about every step.

 Genium X3 product image

Smart adjustment options via app

It’s all in your hands. Thanks to integrated Bluetooth®, the Genium X3 can be configured using an app. This makes it very easy to select additional movement patterns, which are stored by your clinician as MyModes. Switch the joint to mute mode when you visit a cinema or theatre. You can also read the battery charge level with the Cockpit app. The new Genium X3 can be configured with the Cockpit app for Android was well as Apple (iOS) devices.



Study brochure

The benefits of the Genium X3 and Genium have been specifically proven multiple times.


The new Genium & Genium X3

Information for patients.


  • Is the Genium X3 suitable for me?

    The Genium X3 has been developed to provide the most natural gait pattern possible for active people. It is designed in collaboration with the US military to overcome the environment, allowing the user to go into extreme conditions, further than any other Microprocessor knee (MPK) has gone before. This has been possible by incorporating a durable, waterproof and corrosion resistant design with technological advanced microprocessor control.

    It is intended for unrestricted outdoor users to provide them with safety, consistency and confidence in their prosthesis when at home, at work or outdoors. Due to the ability to customise the knee to individual requirements, it allows it to be used for bi-lateral above knee and single above knee prostheses. It offers more physical capabilities for the real world than any other prosthesis including running, walking backwards, crossing obstacles in a more anatomically correct way, and climbing stairs step-over-step without massive compensating movements. The ability to customise the knee for the individual requirements allows users of bi-lateral or single above knee to achieve great results.

  • What is the difference between a Genium and a Genium X3?

    The new Genium is now more weatherproof. Thanks to the higher IP rating 67, it can be exposed to brief rain showers and come into short-term contact with splashed water. The new Genium X3 is now suitable for swimming and showering. Genium X3 users can be mobile in and on the water. In addition to water and corrosion resistance (IP 68), which allows the prosthesis to be submerged, the Genium X3 can now be exposed to stronger jets of water as well. This means users can thoroughly rinse the prosthesis without any concerns, for example after spending time in chlorinated or salt water. Or after a long walk it can be cooled down with a quick splash.

  • How can I get a Genium X3?

    The Veterans Prosthetist Panel was established in 2012 and has funded X3 for eligible veterans through their Disablement Services Centre (DSC). If you think you are eligible then either contact your DSC or BLESMA for advice. It is also widely available through Private Prosthetic Clinics throughout the United Kingdom.

  • What foot can I use with the Genium X3?

    We have a range of feet that complement the rugged nature of the Genium X3 whilst providing ground compliance, shock absorption and energy return. The well-established Triton family of feet are not only robust and waterproof but also terrain compliant making them suitable for the most active individuals. These are available in low profile versions (when space is limited) up to our heavy duty options. The most recent version called the Triton side flex has a unique joint that allows side-to-side flexibility of 10 degrees. This unique foot ensures that even when space is limited the foot can adapt to camber or slopes and maintain ground contact.

    The newest addition to the foot range is the Taleo foot. This is an ideal foot for everyday life, providing a smoother rollover and greater flexibility for less rigorous demands. The waterproof foot ensures that when combined with the Genium X3 it is fully waterproof.

    To maximise the full potential the Genium X3 (providing there is sufficient space) a quickchange adapter (4R10=111) provides the user control to change their own feet as you would change your shoes for a specific activity from running, hiking, watersports. The waterproof quickchange adapter allows for quick interchanging of feet without compromising alignment. For example the Challenger foot (1E95) designed for multipurpose fitness, allows the walk-to-run feature of the Genium X3 to be fully recognised and can be interchanged with a Microprocessor foot (MPF). These feet include Meridium and Empower and offer real-time adaptation to terrain, slopes and even stairs.

  • How does the Genium X3 differ from other microprocessor knees?

    The Genium X3 allows the user to lead their life without the limitations of other MPKs. This robust, waterproof lower limb prosthesis can be submerged to 3m for 1 hour makes particularly suitable for users who want to pursue their career and their hobbies with as few barriers as possible. The extended battery range of 5 days allows users to go further than ever before. The unique features not only allow for safe, stable standing but aim to provide a natural, physiological gait pattern.


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