Genium leg prosthesis

Benefits at a glance

Aaron, a bilateral amputee and Genium user, is able to walk up a ramp easily thanks to the unique technology.

Free your mind

Thanks to the newly updated, unique technology, the Genium enables a gait that’s even more natural. Added support is provided by adjustment possibilities that can make walking on ramps or sitting down easier.

Genium user Jenny walking through the dunes.

An excellent long-term fitting

Additional functions can help adapt the prosthesis to your everyday life. The stairs and obstacles function provides useful day-to-day assistance. It lets you walk up stairs leg-over-leg or overcome obstacles such as curbs.

User Jenny having a picnic with her granddaughter.


We responded to your requests for improved protection against water and upgraded the Genium to an IP 67 rating. As a result, the Genium can now be exposed to brief rain showers or come into contact with splashed water.

Bilateral Genium user Aaron goes fishing with his friend.

Relaxed standing

The Genium features two different stance functions that permit resting on the prosthetic. The result is continual relief for the sound side. Bilateral patients benefit from this function as well.

Genium user Jenny rides her bike. She previously selected a corresponding MyMode for this activity with her smartphone.

Selecting your prosthesis settings

The option of having up to five MyModes programmed for special activities lets you adapt your prosthesis even better to your everyday life. The new Genium offers an even larger selection of options for individual modes.

Genium user Jenny uses the Cockpit app on her smartphone.

Simple control on the go: the Cockpit app

With the Cockpit app 2.0 for Apple and Android devices, you can easily and conveniently configure the new Genium yourself. Whether you want to check the battery charge level, select a MyMode or change the volume, it’s all right there on your smartphone or tablet.



Unique technology at the heart of your mobility

The Genium’s introduction in 2011 represented a breakthrough in knee joint technology – but it didnt’ stop there. Every step of the Genium’s development has pushed the limits of technology further with the goal of coming even closer to the natural model. Years of research and development work have resulted in the Genium as we know it today. Movements are calculated with incomparable accuracy and triggered in real time. The technology recognises whether the patient is on uneven terrain or inclines and whether they are changing speeds.

Studies have proven the long-term health benefits of the targeted relief it provides for the sound side. Compensating movements are reduced. Thanks to the Genium’s intuitive use, patients benefit from being able to focus their attention on the important things in life, rather than having to think about every step.

Smart app control

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth®, the Genium can also be controlled with an app. Additional movement patterns are stored as MyModes and can be very easily selected using the corresponding app. Mute mode can be selected via the app as well and is ideal when visiting the cinema or theatre, for example. The battery charge level can also be checked in no time using the Cockpit app, which is available for the new Genium on both Android and Apple (iOS) devices.


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The new Genium & Genium X3

Information for patients.

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Study brochure

The benefits of the Genium X3 and Genium have been specifically proven multiple times.


  • Who can wear a Genium leg prosthesis?

    The Genium is suitable for people with transfemoral and knee disarticulation and hip disarticulation amputations who want to benefit from the broad range of functionality this knee joint offers, opening up new possibilities in their everyday lives and recreational activities. Special settings in the adjustment software that are available for the Genium meet the needs of bilateral amputees as well.

  • How long will it take me to learn how to use the Genium properly?

    We can't make any definitive statements regarding this. Many patients are able to take stairs leg-over-leg on the very first day. But it may also take longer depending on your individual situation.

  • What is the battery life of the Genium?

    Thanks to intelligent energy management, the Genium has a battery capacity of five days when fully charged. However, we recommend charging the prosthesis every night.

  • How do I know when the battery is getting low?

    A vibration signal warns you in a timely manner when the battery charge level becomes low. Once it is drained entirely, the Genium automatically switches to safety mode.

  • Can I use the Genium in wet conditions?

    Following a technical upgrade, the Genium is now assigned the IP rating 67. Aside from letting you walk in the rain without any concerns, this means that the Genium can also be exposed to splashed water.


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