The Genium - Microprocessor Knee

A new world of movement for you

Incomparably close to nature

With the launch of the Genium Bionic Prosthetic System a breakthrough in the field of knee prosthetics was achieved in 2011. Unequalled natural walking, climbing stairs step-over-step, overcome obstacles, walking backwards, standing on slopes and much more: people with a prosthetic leg benefited for the first time from entirely new features, both during leisure time and at work.

Due to feedback from technicians and prosthesis users, we have further improved the innovative concept of optimised physiological gait (OPG) and the intuitive controls. This results in clear advantages when it comes to safety, a natural gait, endurance and mobility. Bilateral prosthesis users especially benefit from the new conscious standing function that complements the intuitive standing function. Now, prosthesis users can also conveniently control their Genium via smartphone with the Cockpit app for Android devices. Everything for one goal: an active life.

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Convenient, more powerful battery = more peace of mind.

With a battery life of 5 days, you can stay an extra day or two away from home with no worries. Plus, Genium’s charger is connected with magnets to the back of the knee. Makes charging a snap — even through clothing or cosmetic covers – and no open charging ports.

Walk naturally

The gyroscope and acceleration sensor measure the acceleration and position of the Genium in space. The angle sensor determines the angle and speed of your knee joint. The software considers the data constantly being gathered from its sensors in real time. All this means that Genium determines in real time the resistance (support) you need from your leg, depending on where you are in your walking cycle, or going up or down steps or an incline.

Now available in 2 colours

The new Genium is now available in a choice of 2 colour options; Volcano Shadow (front) or Desert Peal (back).

Real-time adjustments.

The Genium’s incredibly sensitive “knee moment” sensor provides important information for precisely determining the forces acting on your leg, and thus how much support you need.

A reliable, responsive foundation.

Any of the Triton feet from Ottobock is a good match for your Genium. You get stability and control as well as outstanding dynamics, ready for everyday life and activities.

Comfortable connection

To ensure a secure, comfortable fit, your socket will be created to uniquely fit your limb. The fit of the socket is so important that people can have trouble walking with the prosthesis – all because of a socket fit problem! To prevent that, you should work with your prosthetist to make sure your socket fits perfectly.

Smooth strides.

The Genium has additional sensors which are integrated in the tube adapter. From the moment your heel strikes the ground until your toe lifts off, the sensors tell the microprocessor exactly where you are in your walking cycle, as well as measure the amount of force acting on the knee. The sensor data help make the most natural movement possible for you.

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Stairs and obstacles function

The stairs and obstacles function is unique in the field of prosthetics. It allows users to negotiate stairs step-over-step with virtually no compensation and intuitively whilst moving, with no special commands - an innovation that was unthinkable for non-motorised prostheses. Whether curbs or obstacles in the household - things of that nature, you can quite naturally overcome with the Genium.

Run, walk, run - Running on the new Genium prosthetic leg

Via the cockpit app, the new Genium switches into a larger swing angle for running and other sports. Plus, the innovative Walk2Run mode detects start-and-stop running (such as crossing a street or trying to catch a bus) and automatically increases your swing angle.

Mute Mode

Sometimes feedback by sound or vibration of the joint is not desired - for example, in the cinema, theatre, at work, around the middle of a lecture, or at home when children are asleep. With the new Genium, it is possible to activate the Mute mode via the Cockpit app or the remote control. Then, only emergency messages are sent by the joint.

The advantage for bilateral prosthesis users

In the development of the Genium, we have paid particular attention to the needs of bilateral transfemoral amputees. Together with bilateral Genium users, we have developed solutions that meet the desire for more stability and safety. An example is the conscious standing function. Here, you initiate the function for a natural standing deliberately and finish also with a distinct signal, and that by relieving the prosthesis or slightly straightening it.

Sit more naturally

If you sit for more than two seconds (with your thigh parallel to the ground and minimal weight on the leg) the Genium reduces resistance to take a more natural position—and switches to an energy‑saving mode!

Water-resistant—and more!

Everyday dust and dirt is no problem for the new Genium and even better it is now rated to IPX-54 – which means it is weather proof and you are protected against splashed water from all sides. The new Genium is tested to IPX Standards.

find out more about IP Ratings.

Every step is smooth and secure

Choose one of the Triton feet from Ottobock to complete your Genium system:

  • the lightweight Triton carbon fibre foot with exceptionally smooth control.
  • the Triton Vertical Shock (VS) with great shock absorption in a compact design.
  • the Triton Harmony with integrated vacuum technology;.
  • the Triton Heavy Duty, robust and waterproof, for particularly challenging conditions), or
  • the Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room

Simple control when being mobile: the Cockpit app

With the new Cockpit app for Android devices, the Genium provides an easy way to control the joint and to enable & disable functions such as the sitting function. The app also displays additional information such as the charge level of the Genium battery. A remote control is of course available as an optional accessory.

No need to interrupt your busy day to re-charge.

With a battery life of five days, there’s no problem if you need extra time away from your charger. Plus, Genium’s charger is connected with magnets to the back of the knee. Makes charging easy - even through clothing or cosmetic covers – and no open charging ports.

How the Genium works

Genium’s advantage: Optimized Physiological Gait (OPG)

How does it work?

(1) Preflex

The Genium maintains a hydraulically controlled 4˚ of preflexion of the knee joint when your heel starts your stride (heel strike), which allows your foot to reach full contact more quickly and gives you a more stable start to your step.

(2) Adaptive Yielding Control

Intelligent knee flexion (max. 17˚, depending on the situation) gives you more efficient, intuitive control of your prosthesis.

  • Because the knee is flexed it better absorbs shocks and helps limit future orthopedic problems.
  • Easy to take off with a quick step or side step.
  • Makes slopes and uneven terrain easier to handle, while reducing the need for you to make compensating movements.

(3) Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

The heart of the system: DSC continuously samples multiple environmental inputs—including a gyroscope and 2-axis accelerometer—which determine the appropriate resistance (support) and release at any time during your walking cycle. That means optimum security for you.

  • Supports multi‑directional movement, so you can take quick steps— forwards, backwards, and sideways.
  • Increases stability when walking backwards.

(4) Adaptive Swing Phase Control

You get precise control of your lower leg no matter what your walking speed is. This also helps to prevent falls.

  • The quality of your swing phase (when your leg is off the ground) is far superior to other prosthetic knee joints.
  • It’s easier to swing your knee through during a stride, helping reduce the risk of stumbles and falls.
  • There are no limits on walking style: quick, slow, irregular— Genium handles it all.


Choose any of the Triton feet from Ottobock to complete your Genium system

The lightweight Triton carbon fiber foot with exceptionally smooth control

The Triton Vertical Shock (VS) with great shock absorption in a compact design

The Triton Harmony with integrated vacuum technology

The Triton Heavy Duty, robust and waterproof, for particularly challenging conditions

The Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room

Technical info

Genium specifications

Patient weight: Max. 330 lbs/150 kg

Weight of the knee joint: 2.9 lbs (1,320 g)

Weight of the electronic tube adapter: 0.6 lbs (290 g)

Weight of the electronic tube adapter with torsion function: 1.3 lbs (530 g)

Moisture protection: Rated IPX-54 – protection against splashed water from all sides & weather proofed.

Adjustable activity modes: 5

Operating time with fully charged battery: Approx. 5 days

Knee flexion angle: Max. 135°



Genium - User Brochure

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