Meridium microprocessor foot

Benefits at a glance

Hans walks down a path in the forest.

Ascending and descending slopes

Whether ascending or descending – thanks to the Meridium’s ability to adapt, you can master inclined surfaces effortlessly from the very first step. Increased safety thanks to more ground clearance when walking uphill, comfortable when going downhill thanks to the adapted rollover and fast full-surface ground contact.

Diana walks up the uneven path to her house with shopping bags.

Walking on uneven terrain

The Meridium adapts to the terrain with every step. From cobblestones, to grass, to forest paths – it offers a high level of stability on different types of terrain thanks to real-time adjustment and improved ground contact.

Judd walks down the stairs with his Meridium prosthetic foot, side by side with his son.

Going down stairs

The Meridium lets you place your entire foot on the step as you go down stairs. Instead of thinking about positioning your foot correctly, you can concentrate on your surroundings.

Hans stands securely on uneven ground with the Meridium prosthetic foot.

Stable standing

The Meridium intuitively identifies when you are no longer moving and require a secure, stable stance – even on slopes or uneven terrain.

The Meridium prosthetic foot lowers itself to the floor when sitting.

Relief when sitting

When sitting, the Meridium lowers itself to the floor, which achieves a more natural-looking foot position and can also help relieve your residual limb from socket pressures.

Hans changes from bare feet to leather shoes with his Meridium prosthetic foot.

Automatic heel height adjustment

Whether you’re barefoot, wearing flat soles or heels – thanks to automatic heel height adjustment, shoes can be changed quickly and easily with the Meridium prosthetic foot.

The video shows the functions and benefits based on simple sketches with user Hans.

Meridium – functions and benefits

The Meridium prosthetic foot offers extensive real-time adaptation to various situations, surfaces and heel heights and enables a nearly natural gait pattern. The video shows the functions and benefits based on simple sketches with user Hans.

Cockpit app

The Cockpit app – easy mobile control

The Meridium adjusts itself automatically to diverse situations. Using the convenient Cockpit app for iOS and Android devices, you can easily adjust the Meridium via smartphone. The app can be used to change the heel height, for example, or to select from a range of preset MyModes. The app also displays additional information such as the charge level of your microprocessor prosthetic foot.

Cockpit app


Illustration of the Meridium’s functionality.

1) The resistance is adjusted when the foot touches the floor to achieve comfortable heel leverage that matches your stride length.

2) Based on the individually adjusted resistance, the speed at which the foot lowers itself immediately adapts to the gait situation with every step.

3) Thanks to the high degree of mobility and real-time adjustment during rollover, you benefit from prolonged, full-surface contact with the ground for the greatest possible stability and excellent grip.

4) The movable toe plate provides a large contact surface and ensures uniform pressure distribution in the forefoot area when rolling over the toes. The Meridium’s four axes give you a smoother, more natural gait pattern when rolling over the foot.

5) When your foot lifts from the floor, it remains in a rolled over position and thereby offers an enhanced level of safety as you walk.


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  • Is the Meridium prosthetic foot right for me?

    The Meridium is suitable for moderately active users (mobility grade 2–3). It is approved for a body weight of up to 125kg and available in foot sizes 24–29. Both transfemoral and transtibial amputees can benefit from the prosthetic foot.

    The Meridium prosthetic foot is not suitable for highly active users and sports.

  • Is the Meridium waterproof?

    No, the Meridium is not waterproof! However, the footshell protects the prosthetic foot against splashed water. So a sudden rain shower is no problem.

  • How long does the battery last and what happens when it is depleted?

    We recommend charging the Meridium overnight when used on a daily basis.

    A vibration signal warns you in a timely manner when the battery charge level becomes low. Once it is drained entirely or if the power supply fails, the Meridium automatically switches to safety mode with preset resistance parameters.

  • Can I test the Meridium prosthetic foot?

    Yes you can. Please speak to your Prosthetist to arrange a trial.


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