Prosedo 3R31

The world’s first mechanical semi-automatic knee lock with hydraulic sitting assist

The 3R31 Prosedo knee joint allows low mobility amputees to regain their ability to stand and walk short distances. The joint provides targeted support for sitting down with the added benefits of security and comfort. When you disengage the lock, a high resistance is initiated.

You feel more balanced, more confident and the pressure on your sound limb is reduced.

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Manual lock

Semi-automatic knee locking function: In order to flex the joint, the lock release cable needs to be pulled. The lock automatically engages when the limb is fully extended. Disengagement of the lock when partially loaded is also possible.

Adjustable Hydraulics

A hydraulic cylinder provides high resistance for safe and balanced sitting.

Avaialble in two connection types

Prosedo is available with two connection variants: 1. Pyramid adapter and 2. Threaded connector for fittings of longer residual limbs.

Optional Lock Release

Optional disengagement of the lock via the lock release button located underneath the blue front cap available.

What you need to know

Advantages for you


The 3R31 Prosedo is the world’s first semi-automatic knee lock with an adjustable hydraulic cylinder. This hydraulic cylinder supports safe sitting-down through a high resistance once the lock is disengaged. Suitable for amputees with reduced mobility, the Prosedo provides secure and comfortable wearing.

Semi-automatic Lock

When walking, the Prosedo knee joint is locked in extension, however for sitting down the lock is able to be disengaged via the lock release cable. Unlocking is possible under partial load, resulting in more balance and safety. An even weight distribution can be maintained on both the sound and amputated limbs when unlocking the knee joint to sit down.

Integrated Hydraulic Unit

The integrated hydraulic unit stabilises wearers when the lock is disengaged and actively supports them in the process of sitting down. When sitting down, the knee enables the wearer to distribute their body weight equally on the sound and amputated side, providing relief and security. The resistance is individually adjustable, according to the wearer’s weight and needs.


The Prosedo knee is able to be fitted to transfemoral, knee disarticulation and hip disarticulation patients. Prosedo’s high maximum weight level of 125kg, small and lightweight design and two connector versions make the knee joint suitable for many amputees, including those with long residual limbs.