Quickchange adapter. The fast and easy way to change prosthetic feet.

Benefits at a glance

The right foot for every occasion

Respond flexibly to different situations – shopping, participating in sports, family trip to the beach – with the Quickchange, you can easily switch between several prosthetic feet yourself.

Active in life – participating in sports

Keeping fit, getting actively involved in life, participating in sports again. Your Challenger prosthetic fitness foot with the Quickchange adapter is just waiting to start running with you.

Easy handling

No tools are required to use the adapter. Change your foot in one turn and one click to get going straight away.

Changing heel heights by switching prosthetic feet

Different everyday occasions demand different heel heights. Thanks to the Quickchange, you can quickly switch between business footwear, trainers, flat soles or heels.

Putting on trousers, made easy

The days when you had to devote a lot of effort to threading your prosthetic foot through your trouser leg are gone. Thanks to Quickchange, you can get dressed effortlessly and then connect your foot again.


Showering, swimming or walking in wet conditions: the Quickchange is a perfect complement to existing fittings, such as the Genium X3 and Triton Heavy Duty. This is because the adapter is waterproof and corrosion- resistant.

Compatible knees

The Quickchange adapter is suitable for transtibial, knee disarticulation, transfemoral and hip disarticulation amputees. When fitted with a knee joint, the adapter must be placed between the knee and the foot. Quickchange is compatible with any Ottobock prosthetic knee, including:

C-Leg 4

The C-Leg is the most popular microprocessor knee (MPK) with more than 75,000 wearers worldwide — with it, wearers can walk at variable speeds, on challenging terrain and down stairs and ramps, while walking backwards is also safer. There is also stumble recovery technology.



The Genium microprocessor knee (MPK) leg offers an unequalled natural walking gait, can help with climbing stairs step-over-step, obstacles, walking backwards and, standing on slopes, while the innovative Walk2Run mode can automatically increase the swing angle for jogging.


Genium X3

The Genium X3 is the world’s most technologically advanced microprocessor knee (MPK). It is fully submersible to 3 metres depth of water (controlled via the Cockpit app) and provides more physical capabilities than any other MPK.


Compatible feet

The Quickchange is suitable for transtibial, knee disarticulation, transfemoral and hip disarticulation amputees. When fitted with a knee joint, the adapter must be placed between the knee and the foot. Quickchange is compatible with most Ottobock prosthetic feet, including:


Part of the Sportsline range of fitness prostheses, the Challenger is the ultimate fitness foot for amputees wishing to take part in high-activity sports.



Empower is the next generation design of the BiOM Ankle and still the only prosthesis with powered propulsion.



The new Meridium prosthetic foot offers you a high level of security along with increased adaptability and a more natural motion sequence.


Triton Smart Ankle

With the Triton smart ankle, we are offering a prosthetic ankle joint which adapts intuitively not only to different walking speeds, but also to slopes, varying surfaces and different heel heights.



The lightweight Triton carbon fiber foot with exceptionally smooth control.

Triton Low Profile

The waterproof Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room.

Triton Heavy Duty

The waterproof Triton Heavy Duty, robust and ready for particularly challenging conditions.

Triton Vertical Shock (VS)

The Triton Vertical Shock (VS) with great shock absorption in a compact design

Triton Harmony

The Triton Harmony with integrated vacuum technology.


The Trias foot is recommended for moderately active persons of all ages who require a lightweight, functional foot.

Technical info

Foot Size Limitations

Some Ottobock carbon feet generate high moments, therefore the weight limit is reduced for the Quickchange adapter when fitted with the following feet sizes:

Foot Size Max. body weight
1C30 Trias 28-30cm <110kg / <243lbs
1E56 Axtion 22-30cm <100kg / <220lbs
1C60 Triton
1C61Triton Vertical Shock
1C62 Triton Harmony
1C64 Triton Heavy Duty

<100kg / <220lbs

<75kg / <165lbs
1C63 Triton Low Profile 25-28cm <100kg / <220lbs
1A1-1 Empower 25-26cm
<100kg / <220lbs
<116kg / <256lbs
<88kg / <194lbs
Combination not possible.
1E95 Challenger   <100kg / <220lbs