Taleo 1C50 prosthetic foot

Benefits at a glance

Smooth rollover for effortless walking

The Taleo's seamless rollover from heel strike to toe off offers you effortless and comfortable walking without dead spots. It lets you move smoothly when spontaneously changing your speed and direction.

Energy efficient walking for less fatigue at the end of the day

Spending the entire day on your feet isn’t a problem anymore. Taleo offers you the right amount of energy for every step. So you’ll also have more energy to cover longer distances or walk at varying walking speeds.

Freely navigate uneven terrain with comfort

The Taleo prosthetic foot perfectly accommodates to varying terrain conditions. You can move freely and comfortably on uneven or rolling terrain - no matter if you are at home or out on grassy areas, forest paths or rocky terrain!

Salt water isn't off limits

Sometimes you can’t avoid getting your prosthetic foot wet! Salt and fresh water alike are no problem for the Taleo. Plus, water runoff channels on the connection adapter and openings in the sole of the foot let the water drain away – so you can enjoy your hobbies without thinking twice.

Walking comfortably with bare feet

Do you prefer to take your shoes off when you’re at home? The Taleo carbon foot lets you comfortably walk barefoot for short periods indoors.

On the go with sandals and a natural look

The Taleo has a split big toe so you can easily wear flip flops. Its slim shape makes it easy for your prosthetist to make a natural cosmetic shape at the ankle.

Technical data

Technical Data  
Mobility Level MG 3-4
Max. body weight 150 kg
Sizes 22-30 cm
Slim shape with 15 ± 5 mm heel height (size 22-25 cm)
Normal shape with 10 ± 5 mm heel height (size 24-30 cm)
Weight without footshell 450 g
Weight with normal footshell 690 g
Structural height 150 mm (with normal footshell*)

*Reference size is 26 cm.


  • What makes the Taleo prosthetic foot special?

    The Taleo carbon foot lets you walk smoothly, so you have more energy when you’re on the go. Its flexibility and heel stiffness can be adjusted to your unique needs and is fully waterproof against fresh, salt and chlorinated water.

  • Is the Taleo prosthetic foot right for me?

    The Taleo prosthetic foot is designed for active individuals (mobility grade 3-4) who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking and the ability to go wherever life takes them. It is suitable for users weighing up to 150 kg.

  • Is the Taleo suitable for sports?

    The Taleo is primarily a prosthetic foot that provides you with support for a wide range of everyday activities. The Taleo carbon foot is also perfectly suitable for occasional light sports activities such as badminton or playing frisbee.

  • Is the Taleo waterproof?

    Yes, the Taleo prosthetic foot is waterproof and can be worn in salt or fresh water. In addition to water-resistant material, the carbon foot also has water runoff channels on the adapter and openings in the sole of the foot that let water drain away from the prosthesis. In order to maintain the functionality of the foot, it is essential to clean it as instructed after using it in water.

  • Is the Taleo available in my size?

    The prosthetic foot is available in a range of sizes from 22 to 30 cm. Your Prosthetist will select your Taleo based on your foot size, body weight and activity.

  • Will I need a new prosthesis for the Taleo?

    No, the Taleo can be integrated into either a new or an existing modular prosthesis, provided it has sufficient structural height.

  • Do I need to wear special shoes with the Taleo?

    No, the Taleo is delivered with a footshell that is based on the shape of a natural foot and is therefore compatible with all common types of shoes. Plus, a slim and a normal footshell are available in most foot sizes to match your natural foot as closely as possible. The split big toe on the footshell even makes it possible to wear flip flops and walk barefoot indoors.


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