Harmony E2: Electronic vacuum pump system

Benefits at a glance

Ease of use

The Harmony E2 has a rotary switch to select and indicate the setting at the same time. Its automatic mode adjusts the active vacuum according to the amputee’s activity level.

There are four manual levels to adjust the vacuum to personal preferences from comfort (small dots) to high suspension (large dots). The reverse mode allows the amputee to flush the pump and to reverse air flow for quick pressure relief.

Harmony E2 is particularly suitable for anyone who sits a lot, for example at the office and the vacuum is active as soon as you stand up. A permanent vacuum is maintained, even when you are not moving about. It’s also suitable for above-knee amputees and those with a short residual limb.


The pump unit can be easily removed for charging, weight reduction or switching between different legs. The adapter plate with its integrated valve keeps the vacuum in the socket. The Harmony E2 come with rechargeable AA Batteries which are replaceable in the event of an absence of a power supply and is waterproof up to 3m water depth i.e. splash water, rain or even for swimming in fresh water.


The Harmony E2 has a very low noise emission, 10dB less than other electronic pumps and is lightweight, weighing less than 200g. It has a modern design and has minimal light and sound signals.


Related systems

Harmony P4 vacuum system

The Harmony system provides an active vacuum to ensure a firm connection between the prosthesis and residual limb. The Harmony P4 pump is especially suitable for active users.


Harmony P3 vacuum system

The vacuum system with the mechanical Harmony P3 pump provides good adhesion in the prosthetic socket that minimises impacts and tensile forces.