Harmony P3 & Triton Harmony vacuum system

The mechanical pump with the strong connection

The Harmony® P3 provides vacuum, vertical shock and rotation. With every step, the weight activated pumps create (or maintain) the vacuum in the socket. In addition, the 3-in-1 functional ring that creates the vacuum provides vertical shock absorption and a natural rotation function. The Harmony P3 is a slim and lightweight modular pump. It can be combined with a huge variety of feet and is suitable for active amputees up to 124kg. body weight.

The Triton Harmony combines the excellent functionality of the 1C60 Triton carbon fibre foot with proven Harmony P3 technology. The Triton Harmony with its compact integrated design is suitable for highly active patients up to 150 kg body weight.

Related systems

Harmony P4 vacuum system

The Harmony system provides an active vacuum to ensure a firm connection between the prosthesis and residual limb. The Harmony P4 pump is especially suitable for active users.


Harmony E2: Electronic vacuum pump system

The Harmony E2 is an electronic pump option for the Harmony System, a proven and established active volume management system for amputees.