How liners work

Liners play an important role in the comfort and health for prosthetic leg users. They fit over your residual limb and go between your limb and the socket (the socket is the shell that encases your limb and connects you to your prosthesis). If you use either a vacuum or a suction suspension system, you’ll also need a sealing sleeve.

The liner is a protective cover made of a flexible, cushioning material. Worn over your residual limb, it reduces movement and chafing between the skin and the socket. Liners are designed with specific characteristics to work with different suspension systems.

Selecting the right liner helps ensure that your prosthesis fits well and is comfortable to wear.

The 6Y41 Skeo Pure is one product in the Skeo liner range.

Skeo = Silicone liner

Skeo liners are made from silicone and provide a high level of stability and good adhesion, whilst remaining very durable. Silicone liners stabilise soft tissue and are easy to use, due to the low friction textile cover to the silky smooth exterior coating which is easy to clean.

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The 6Y90 Caleo is one product in the Caleo liner range.

Caleo = Copolymer liner

Caleo liners are made from copolymer which is a soft, comfortable and highly elastic material. These liners have thermoplastic properties and can therefore be thermoformed and adapted to the residual limb. Medical white oil in the material has a nourishing effect, making it ideal for patients with dry skin.

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The 6Y512 Uneo Fresh is one product in the Uneo liner range.

Uneo = Polyurethane liner

The Uneo liners ensure a precise and comfortable fit thanks to their outstanding flow properties. They help ensure excellent pressure distribution in the socket. Uneo liners dampen impact and cushion even sensitive, bony or scarred residual limbs.

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The Derma series offers a selection of skin care products that have been specially adapted to the needs of people who are wearing prostheses or orthoses.

Liner & skin care tips

Proper care of your products will ensure a long life. All sleeves and liners should be washed daily by hand.

For a range of care tips and more about the Derma range click here.

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