Reclaim your life with a microprocessor knee that really fits your needs

We know every amputee has unique and individual requirements for their prosthesis. For example, if you work in an office you may have different requirements to someone who works as a firefighter. Therefore, it is important different knee joints cater to different people. Ottobock has developed an extensive range of microprocessor-controlled knees, suitable for people of all mobility and activity levels. Get to know the range below and find out what suits you and your lifestyle best.



You have a high need for safety and, in addition to stability, also expect a prosthesis to support you while sitting down and standing. The Kenevo provides you with enhanced safety and greater independence. Reclaim your sense of security. Kenevo.


C-Leg 4 microprocessor knee

C-Leg 4

You want to be able to trust your prosthesis and yourself. Cope with everyday life again. The C-Leg 4 helps you to find your independence again. Reclaim your determination. C-Leg 4.


Genium leg prosthesis


What you want most is to think about your prosthesis as little as possible. To move naturally and intuitively and to focus on the important things in life again. Reclaim your strength. Genium.


Genium X3 leg prosthesis

Genium X3

You want to take it that crucial step further and make the unthinkable possible again: walking, running, swimming with as few restrictions as possible. Reclaim all you want to be. Genium X3.


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User brochures

Download the user brochures for our range of microprocessor knees. Go and reclaim your life.


C-Leg 4: User brochure

Download our latest C-Leg 4 brochure for end-users.


Genium X3 - User Brochure

Download out latest Genium X3 brochure for end-users and reclaim your life.


Genium - User Brochure

Download out latest Genium brochure for end-users and reclaim your life.


Kenevo - User Brochure

Download out latest Kenevo brochure for end-users and reclaim your life.