Lower limb prosthetics

Whatever your level of amputation, whatever your life encompasses, take a moment to explore some of the behind-the-scenes information we’re sharing about our products and services. From sharing stories to the details of alignment, development and testing, you’ll find something that applies to your situation.

Rick playing basketball using his prosthetic leg.

Product systems

Learn more about our range of lower limb prosthesis.


Amputee wearing the Harmony

Socket Technology

Maintaining a healthy residual limb can be challenging and a contributing factor to the overall comfort of the socket. To support this, a variety of prosthetics liners are available, each offering a range of specific benefits to suit the amputee’s individual circumstances.


Man sitting with grandson wearing a Triton prosthetic foot.

Real life stories

Read about other people living with limb loss and how their prosthetics limbs are helping them regain their indepdependence and lead a more active lifestyle.