Julie's Sports Knee story

The 3S80 Sport helps Julie Rogers become one of the fastest female Paralympic sprinters in the UK!

Julie Rogers, a 15 year-old from Bedford who took part in the 2012 Paralympics as the youngest member on the Team GB Sitting Volleyball squad, has confirmed her switch to athletics after the successful trial of an Ottobock prosthetic running system. Julie has taken the huge decision following funding cuts to her former sport and has already become one of the fastest female Paralympic sprinters in the UK.

The young athlete was born with a congenital disorder had an operation to shorten her leg at the tender age of five in order to be able to use an above-the-knee prosthetic limb. Despite being given a limb by the NHS that was not conducive for running, Julie, who’s talent has been nurtured by leading amputee running coach Hayley Ginn, was given the opportunity to trial the 3S80 and 1E90 prosthetic running system this summer with support from Pace Rehabilitation and Ottobock.

Julie is making fantastic progress in the sport and has a bright future with her current personal best time for the 100m sprint is 17:54 seconds which would put her 5th in the world rankings this year.

“The trial with the Ottobock 3S80 prosthetic knee system has gone fantastically well and I am currently training really hard,” said Julie Rogers. “When I first got the new leg I realised the difference almost immediately, and have kept training to try and get my time lower and lower ever since. I’m dedicated to getting to the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, and will work as hard as I can to get there.”

‘I’ve been selected for the forthcoming IWAS World Junior Games at Stoke Mandeville which takes place in August, and I am expected to close the gap between myself and the medallist sprinters this season. I’d like to thank Ottobock and Pace Rehabilitation for the opportunity I have been given. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my summer holiday training on the athletics track!’

The 3S80 sports knee joint is designed to withstand the high impact forces imposed whilst running. Rotation hydraulics have been specially optimised for running sports and the joint dampens the extension and flexion movements in the swing phase in such a way that a dynamic movement pattern is enabled at high running speeds. The option of a manually operated lock on the new knee joint also facilitates a secure stance that can be of use during warm-ups and stretching. Julie has also been fitted with a new day leg from Ottobock, a 3R80 knee, which is much better suited to her day-to-day needs.

Jamie Gillespie, Julie’s Prosthetist at Pace Rehabilitation, states, “Julie is a very ambitious and focused young woman who has that ability to overcome the fear of trying something new. She really has thrown herself into training and although confident, Julie is also very modest. I believe she is a real inspiration to other young athletes.”

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