Arm prosthesis - The right option for you

Whether you are an experienced user of upper limb prosthetics or not, information shared here will offer insight into what products are available and how they can help you lead a more active lifestyle. From inconspicuous elbow joints to intuitive pattern recognition, there is a wide range of upper limb prosthetics to suit your needs.

Woman using her prosthetic arm to eat breakfast.

Product systems

Learn more about our range of upper limb prostheses.


Karl-Heinz with DynamicArm prosthesis playing Lego bricks with his daughter.

Success stories

Read about other people living with limb loss and how their prosthetic limbs are helping them regain their independance and lead a more active lifestyle.

Read more about our success stories here.

Sherri with DynamicArm prosthesis opening the door of the refrigerator to put a milk bottle back.

Information for new amputees

Having knowledge about amputation, products and rehabilitation will equip you for conversations with family, friends and your prosthetist.