Wheelchairs and seating

Our goal is to maximise your independence. Whether you’re looking for a paediatric chair, an active sports chair, a lightweight manual chair or a powered solution, our range of wheelchairs offer comfort, versatility, stability and great design.

Correct positioning, ease of use and low energy are essential when choosing your chair. For tips on how to choose your perfect chair, please see our choosing your wheelchair page.


Our adult wheelchairs are focused on increasing independance and function and can help expand your opportunities to engage in your community and enfironment.


Wolturnus everyday wheelchairs

The Wolturnus range offers wheelchairs with functionalities covering most needs and requests from active users.



Most kids are interested in exploring their environment and being part of the action. Take a look at our range of wheelchairs helping them take part.


Custom seating

From bespoke custom seating solutions made in the UK, to cushions and accessories, learn more about our range of seating and positioning solutions.


Common conditions

There are many options in the market and it is important to choose a chair that fits your lifestyle and condition.


Real life stories

Read about wheelchair users around the UK who are enjoying life in an Ottobock wheelchair here.