Ventus manual wheelchair

What you need to know

Benefits at a glance

Always on the go with the Ventus

Always on the go

Always out and about, letting your mind wander – without thinking about the wheelchair.

Ventus Manual Wheelchair

Just get in

Thanks to its compact transport size, you can easily load the Ventus yourself – and not only into a van or estate car.

Customisable design

With numerous adjustable components, including the seat and 14 colours to add personality, the Ventus can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals giving anybody the opportunity to drive a lightweight aluminium rigid-frame wheelchair

Pure relaxation with the Ventus Manual Wheelchair

Pure relaxation

Enjoy life, reach the goals you set for yourself and take part in recreational activities: The Ventus expands your personal mobility radius.

Be the action hero with the Ventus Manual Wheelchair

Action hero

No, you don't have to participate in every sport with your Ventus – but it takes you to where the action is.

How to

How to put a rigid frame wheelchair in a car

This video shows you how to put a rigid frame wheelchair in a car.

Technical info

Ventus wheelchair - Facts and Figures

Basic Tehnical Data  
Load Capacity 140 kg
Weight approx 11 kg
Transport weights  
Frame approx 8 kg
Rear wheel from 1.25 kg



Ventus Manual Wheelchair

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