Motus Manual wheelchair

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Wheel settings

The Motus has a modular design approach with 48 different wheel settings. No matter your size or your driving style, you will be able to adapt its settings to your unique specifications. Toe-in and toe-out adjustment offers a better alignment of your rear wheels, minimising rolling resistance and saving power.

Increased positioning

Angled front frame allows increased horizontal positioning of caster wheels—and improved forward stability. Caster housing alignment is easily adjusted.

Lock and load

Knee-Level lock lever is both stiff and easy to operate—and won’t rotate around chair frame.

Framing options

The Motus comes in 2 models: CV and CS. You can also choose from a variety of framing colour options such as Candy Red, Sparkle Blue Green, Dormant Marine Blue, Anthracite Metallic, and Deep Black.

How to

How to put a folded chair in a car

This video shows you how to put a folded chair in a car.

Technical info

Motus manual wheelchair specifications

Frame material Aluminium
Product weight From approx. 12kg, depending on options
Center of gravity adjustment 48 positions adjustable through the rear wheel adapter
Maximum load capacity 125kg (seat widths up to 19½) / 140kg (seat widths over 19½)
Back height 12˝ - 20˝
Seat width 14˝ - 22˝
Seat depth 14˝ - 21˝
Lower leg length 13 ½˝- 21 ¼˝
Overall width 20"- 28" with spoke wheels
Overall length 32½" - 43½" with 22½" rear wheels
33½" - 44½" with 24½" rear wheels


Improved cross brace technology

Our three-bar cross brace with hexagonal inner cross bar reduces twisting and mimics the steadiness of a rigid chair; this provides you with maximum stability. With fewer pivot points you are able to fold for transport and storage easily.


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Instructions For Use - Motus

Download the Instructions For Use pdf for the Motus manula wheelchair.