Motus Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

Benefits at a Glance

Half Folding Back

Half Folding Back

The half folding back is available on all Motus models and makes for easy storage of the wheelchair.

New Rear Wheel Adapter

New Rear Wheel Adapter

With the new rear wheel adapter the center of gravity can be adjusted for you.

New Side Panel

New Side Panel

The new side panel with integrated clothing protector has a new sleek design, which is also easy to adjust ensuring your comfort.

New height and depth adjustable side panel with armrest

New height and depth adjustable side panel with armrest

The side panel with armrest has an integrated height and depth adjustment ensuring your optimum comfort while in the Motus.

New Bumpers on Front Frame

New Bumpers on Front Frame

The new frame bumper has been designed for those times when small bumps happen, the bumper will help to prevent scratches to the frame.

Frame Colours

Frame Colours

You can chose to have your Motus Wheelchair in one of 8 vibrant colour options, giving a stylish look to your wheelchair.


Motus CV

• Weight optimised version

• Complete new frame design with improved start leg supports

• Active version with active options like tyre Schwalbe One

• Swing-away and detachable leg support holders

• Individual foot plates, angle-adjustable

• Can also be used without leg supports, e.g. for driving up close to objects

• Half folding back option

Motus CS

• Active version with a compact design

• Lightest of the Motus Family versions

• Complete new frame design with improved adjustment of lower leg length

• Improved stability due to integrated leg supports

• Torsion within the frame minimised due to few components

• Half folding back option

Motus Hemi

• Version optimised for use with hemiplegics

• Foot space can be expanded via adaptor

• Anterior seat height available down to 38cm

• Extended adjustability of front wheel to improve stability

• Half folding back option

Motus XXL

• Reinforced components support user weight up to 140kg

• Available as CS / CV versions

• Seat width up to 55.5cm

• Half folding back option

Technical Data

Technical Data
  Motus CV Motus CS Motus Hemi Motus XXL
Overall width 505–680 mm 505-680 mm 505-755 mm 655-755 mm
Overall length 805–1,155 mm 805–1,155 mm 805-1,155 mm 865-1,155 mm
Overall height 670–1,100 mm 670–1,100 mm 670-1,100 mm 670-1,100 mm
Seat depth 360–540 mm 360-540 mm 360-540 mm 420-540 mm
Seat width 355–480 mm 355-480 mm 355-555 mm 505-555 mm
Front seat height 380–550 mm 380-550 mm 360-520 mm 380-550 mm
Rear seat height 360–520 mm 360-520 mm 360-520 mm 360-520 mm
Seat angle 10–100 mm 10-100 mm 10-100 mm 10-100 mm
Drive wheel camber 0° to 4° 0° to 4° 0° to 4°
Back support angle 0° to 30° 0° to 30° 0° to 30° 0° to 30°
Back support height 300–500 mm 300–500 mm 300-500 mm 300-500 mm
Lower leg length 340–550 mm 340–550 mm 340-550 mm 340-550 mm
Folding size 270–330 mm 270–330 mm 270-330 mm 270-330 mm
Load up to 125 kg 125 kg 140 kg 140 kg
Total weight 11.9–20.2 kg 11.9-19.9 kg 11.8-20.7 kg 12.8-20.7 kg


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