Voyager Evo - lightweight, active wheelchair.

A modular system for your choices

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Side protection

The modular system offers countless possibilities to tailor the Voyager Evo to your individual requirements and your personal style. Sporty handling, an extraordi-nary look, matching your size and weight. The Voyager Evo is perfect for you and for your life.

Frame material

Magnesium – a material to meet the highest demands for ultimate performance. It makes the Voyager Evo even lighter, more premium, more unique.

Colour options

Tastes differ and favourite colours play an important role. So why shouldn't medical devices take this into account? At Ottobock we do - even when selecting a frame colour.

Close-up: Carbon frame

Pushing the envelope. Experiencing extremes. The Voyager Evo with carbon components is made for just one limit: yours. Carbon is not only lightweight, it is highly resilient and features an appearance that underscores the claim of a high-performance athlete.

Close-up: Aluminium frame

The Voyager Evo with the aluminium frame is ideal for daily challenges and beyond. Powerful, lightweight, durable. Feel the dynamics of the city, experience the inspiration of nature, love the elements.

Close-up: Titanium frame

Setting yourself apart from the masses and leaving your mark on the world. Titanium leaves a lasting impression. In addition to outstanding material properties, the Voyager Evo appeals with titanium components in an incomparable look.

Technical Info

Seat width: 280-460mm

Seat depth: 360-520mm

Seat height

Front: 440-530mm

Rear: 380-480mm

Back height: 200-500mm

Lower leg length: 120-470mm

Width: 470-650mm

Length: 730-910mm

Height: 1030mm

Max user weight

100kg – Aluminium and Carbon frame

140kg – Titanium frame

Weight: Approx. 9kg

Transport weight

Frame: Approx. 6.9 – 9.8kg

Rear Wheel: From 1.1kg

Front frame angle: 75°-90° in 1° increments

Front frame type: Straight, offset 20mm, offset 40mm, Abduction, 20mm and 40mm



Voyager Evo - User Information


Voyager Evo - Technical Data


Voyager Evo - Configurator

Download our Configurator software to find out how your choice of component material impacts on the weight of your wheelchair. Aluminum, Titanium, Carbon or Magnesium – it’s up to you!



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