Wolturnus Everyday Range

Enjoy your active lifestyle

Whether you’re young or old, single or have a family, you probably need to handle big and small everyday jobs indoors and out – shopping, walking the dog, playing with your children, cooking and cleaning. Maybe you need to get to and from work, or you have an active lifestyle including sports and outdoor activities.

Whatever your needs and whatever your life-style, the Wolturnus’ range offers wheelchairs with functionalities covering most needs and requests from active users. Wolturnus wheelchairs are renowned for their sturdiness and elegant design, combining the advantages of a low-maintenance product with the aesthetics of a designer object.

Feather light, robust and stable, these rigid frame wheelchairs are perfect for children and adults looking for a wheelchair that provides superb functionality and feels like an extension of the body, allowing for a smooth and comfortable mobility.

Because Wolturnus rigid frame wheelchairs have a minimum of moveable parts, they are among the most robust in the market, limiting the time and money spent on maintenance and repair and ensuring an extra-long service life.

Although these rigid frame wheelchairs are standard products, they come in a variety of models and sizes, ensuring a correct fit for any user, child or adult. All Wolturnus wheelchairs are handmade on location in Denmark, most of them according to the specific measurements and requests of the customer. We can custom-build a wheelchair to suit practically any special need or purpose.



Wolturnus Wheelchairs

Wolturnus offers a wide range of light, robust rigid wheelchairs to suit every need. Download the brochure to learn more.


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