Wingus Power Wheelchair

Benefits at a glance

High ride comfort

The innovative cantilever design of this frame gives you an extremely comfortable ride.

Batteries and motors

These extensively tested batteries and motors allows you to travel approximately 25km distance with one charge.

Flip up armrests

With the armrests flipped back it allows you to transfer to out of the wheelchair easily, also the optional swing away control panel holder allows the Wingus to sit closer to tables and work surfaces.

Adjustable seat depth

Being able to have the seat depth adjusted ensures that the seat of the chair can be tailored to your needs.

Puncture proof tyres

With these tyres you no longer need to worry about having a flat tyre.

Adjustable footplate

The height adjustability of the footplate allows you to have the optimal comfort with this wheelchair and if required you can have the optional positioning belt fitted to keep your feet in place.


Splash guard for drive wheels

Parallel swing away control panel holder

Positioning belts for feet

Adapter for head support mounting kit

Electric lighting

Small storage bag underneath the seating area

Crutch holder

Cup holder

Pocket for mobile phone

Technical data

Technical data  
Application class B Indoor / outdoor use
Seat width 400-600mm
Seat depth 380 / 400 / 420 / 440 / 460 / 480 mm
Front seat height 500mm
Overall length
With foot plate flipped up
With foot plate flipped down

Overall width 585mm
Back support height 550mm
Back support angle 0° / 10° / 20°
Lower leg length with 50mm seat cushion (min. /max.) 380-480mm
Driving distance range 25km
Max. obstacle negotiation capacity 50mm
Nominal climbing ability 7° (12%)
Max. load 120kg
Weight 57kg


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