Spinal Injuries

About Spinal Injuries

Acute spinal cord compression is a neurosurgical emergency. Rapid diagnosis and management are essential to have the highest chances of preventing permanent loss of function.

A traumatic spinal cord injury is a lesion of neural elements of the spinal cord that can result in any degree of sensory and motor deficit, and autonomic or bowel dysfunction.

Most injuries to the spinal cord don't completely sever it. An injury is more likely to cause fractures and compression of the vertebrae, which then crush and destroy the spinal nerve tracts. The prognosis is variable between almost complete recovery and complete paralysis.

Voyager Evo

Unique as you are

When it comes to your daily companion, you should not compromise. You are active, pflegst your own style and does not slow you from others? Then the custom-made active rigid frame wheelchair Voyager Evo is exactly what you are looking for. Each Voyager Evo is a tailor-made single piece and offers you not only the best care, but also takes into account your personal preferences. How this works?

Apart from an aluminum alloy as basic equipment we offer you a kit made of different materials such as carbon, titanium and magnesium. Installed will eventually mix of materials, for you decide. At the same time you choose so about appearance and weight of your future companion, who impresses with its extreme smoothness and maneuverability.

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Other suitable wheelchairs


With numerous adjustable components, including the seat and 14 colours to add personality, the Ventus can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals giving anybody the opportunity to drive a lightweight aluminium rigid-frame wheelchair



The Motus is an adaptive wheelchair that can be customised to your unique preferences. Adjustable on the fly, the swing-away footrests and height-adjustable back allows for more comfortable seating.



Specifically developed to offer maximum stability and comfort, the Avantgarde3 range integrates manoeuvrability, light-weight materials and modern design to promote independence and mobility for users.